The Reload: CJ Moore Names Top 6, Henson Pursuing In State Lineman

[Credit: OKPreps]
Written by Kyle Boone

The Reload is PFB’s recruiting recap, catching you up to speed with all the latest Oklahoma State news and recruiting information with an ear to the ground for what to expect in the future.

Tulsa Union’s CJ Moore recruitment update

Four-star Union wide receiver CJ Moore dropped his list of top six schools on Tuesday, announcing that the Cowboys have made his list along with some heavyweight programs including Ohio State.

Moore, a relative of former OSU wide receiver Tracy Moore, and by extension former OSU signee Tramonda Moore, has a long history of Oklahoma State ties. OSU is battling some big names for his commitment, and keeping him in the state is Kasey Dunn’s top priority for the 2018 class. Moore is a once-in-a-decade receiver who happens to be homegrown. At 6-foot-5 with production to boot, he’ll be a name to continue to monitor as the spring and summer evolve.

Oklahoma nabs in-state safety

Teammate to CJ Moore, Patrick Fields, committed to the Oklahoma Sooners over the weekend. The versatile linebacker/safety from Union picked OU over offers from TCU, Notre Dame, OSU, and others.

Despite an offer from the Cowboys, they were never really in the mix for his service — due in large part to his strong OU lean. The moment the Sooners offered (they were his third Division I offer), he was basically all in, from what I’ve been told. His recruitment past that point was little more than a formality. He’s a homegrown Sooner.

Oklahoma State offers 2018 Running Back

Filed under: “This might be a longshot but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯” files, Oklahoma State has extended an offer to junior running back prospect Asa Martin. Martin is a four-star recruit with 20 Division I offers including Ole Miss, Michigan, OU, and others.

Martin made a recent visit to Norman on an unofficial basis all the way from Decatur, Alabama, but it is believed that he didn’t stop by Stillwater on his way, for what it’s worth. But with John Wozniak at the helm and his recent stay at Southern Miss, this might not be totally off the wall — Martin is being heavily recruited in the Southwest region and it’s likely a connection was made prior to his arrival in Stillwater.

Manvel defensive back offered

If you’re fishing for talent in Texas, Manvel isn’t a bad place to start. The school has been a talent factory, but Oklahoma State hasn’t been able to make in roads to the talent-rich school. That isn’t stopping them from trying, as they offered three-star cornerback Trent Gordon this week:

With offers from 30 schools including UCLA, Cal, OU, LSU, Michigan and others, this will be a tough recruitment. Trying to make up ground this *late* in the process will be a tall task, but Gordon is one that’s at least worth giving it a shot for.

Josh Henson looking ahead to 2019 with offer to Texas OL

New offensive line coach Josh Henson extended an offer to 2019 offensive tackle Vick Curne — a 6-foot-5 prospect from Second Baptist, Texas. Curne is a relative unknown but his frame and 300 pound body suggests he won’t be for long.

In-state offensive lineman offered

Can you tell Henson’s been busy? The best part is that he’s unearthing talent within the Oklahoma border that he likes. He offered OKC area offensive lineman Owen Condon earlier this week, and he also offered Bixby offensive guard Bryce Bray — former teammate of OSU defensive tackle signee Brendon Evers.

Bray’s a three-star recruit and a 6-foot-5 inside lineman. He was named the Dallas Opening lineman MVP this past weekend, and tested through the roof in drills. He’s got versatility to play guard and tackle and he plays physical with a mean streak. Sign. Me. Up.

  • Adam M.

    Sometimes I wonder if recruits do much looking into the schools they have in their final list. CJ Moore for example; I’m surprised Ole Miss is even in the running with the all of the violations. Their football program won’t be what it used to in his tenure there I can’t imagine.

    I like that Henson has his ear to the ground for recruits in diapers. I’m sure it goes a long way when your noticed first by a coach.

    • Common Sense

      They might also list the most prestigious universities (from a football point of view).

    • oSutoothdoctor

      He probably listed them because they have the most to offer $$$$$$

  • Mark

    That’s a pretty unusual list from CJ Moore. Not schools you see together very often, and vastly different philosophies. *scratches head*

    • two4osu

      ^^^ (what you said)

  • Frank Eaton

    CJ Moore’s top 6 is puzzling… Oregon and OSU I understand because the offense will display his talent. Ohio State I understand because it’s a virtual guarantee he’ll win multiple conference titles and compete for a national title in his tenure. But Miss. State? Nebraska? Ole Miss? How much money did those dumpster fires have to offer to keep him interested…

  • PPC

    Kyle (or anyone) what is the status of the 2 grad transfers prospects from Cal & Clemson that visited last weekend? There has been no mention on how it went with either prospect and both are really critical.

  • KCOC10

    Agreed that’s an odd mixture of schools for CJ Moore. It’s nice to see us in a final grouping for a top talent that doesn’t include OU.

  • OSU Student

    Someone explain this because I always get confused, why do these recruiting sites always have percentages of 100% to a particular school, such as the Gordon kid? Does that mean he has verbally committed to that school, or that it is just the only school he is considering? And if it is the only school they are considering, why would other programs send offers to them? Never quite got what that prediction % meant.

    • Colin A Bishe

      those are predications. the writers and contributors to 247sports make predictions on where they believe the kids will go. so if 10 writers had made a prediction and 5 of them say one school, then 50% etc etc.
      you can click on the writers and see how often they get things correct. some are far more accurate than others.

      • OSU Student

        Ahh gotcha. I didn’t know if it was like the recruit’s preference or what. Thanks for the insight!

  • two4osu

    Henson has come out of the blocks SMOKIN’! I like it.

  • cavemanosu

    As always, great write up. Really like the recruiting work you guys are doing. Now, let’s figure out how to get more to Stillwater!