A Closer Look at Jawun Evans’ Weaknesses

Written by Kyle Porter

Yesterday we looked at Jawun Evans’ strength in this terrific video Draft Express put together, but because this is a fair and balanced blog, today we need to look at his weaknesses.

All of these are legitimate concerns, but I also think they’re fixable. Evans’ size and average athleticism (relative) will be the biggest knocks against him (actually they already are, according to The Ringer’s excellent draft profile).

But here’s the thing about Evans. The things he does best (think, make solid decisions) are the same things that can overcome an inability to finish around the rim. I’m convinced that with the NBA operates he can out-think his lack of stature, if that makes any sense at all.

He’ll also be aided by better athletes in the NBA than Mitch Solomon and Lucas N’Guessan with which he can run the pick and roll. That, combined with better decision-making on his passes and better athletes around him in general, will erase so many of his flaws.

I’m not saying the downsides aren’t there. I’m only saying that I think he has the makeup to overcome them in the proper situation offensively. Evans is excellent at controlling his body and manipulating his way around a basketball court. I think despite his diminutive-ness, he’ll find success as a pro.

The bigger concern for me is on the defensive end. Can Jawun Evans guard John Wall? Heck, can he guard Yogi Ferrell? That should (and probably will) be the bigger issue come draft night in June.

  • Mike Gundy :)

    He scrong

  • two4osu

    That d thou….I don’t ever remember Jawun ever leaving his feet to guard a shooter.