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Coleman Scott – Olympian



Coleman Scott in NYC - Courtesy of U.S. Presswire

I feel like most paths to the Olympics are more difficult to figure out than Netflix’s business model but the route Coleman Scott took to London really took the cake.

Seriously, read this, I have five times and I’m no closer to a conclusion of how he actually got there than I was when all I knew was “hey, OSU dude beat a guy and now he gets to wear the red, white, and blue across the pond at the beginning of August.”

And really, that’s all you need to know. That, and his match had to be at one of the coolest venues a wrestling match has ever been held [1. If we’re ranking “what, they played where?!” sports venues, this is first and “wrestling outside in downtown NYC” ranks somewhere between “hooping in a normal high school gym” and “Carolina and Michigan State played on a freaking aircraft carrier.”].

Also, OSU kept its 88-year streak of never having missed the Summer Olympics alive.

Here are some cool pics of the event…

Coleman's fan club - Courtesy of U.S. Presswire

Guessing this one's getting framed - Courtesy of U.S. Presswire

Stars and Stripes - Courtesy of U.S. Presswire

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