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Cornelius Becomes 7th Cowboy to Throw for 400 Yards in a Game

Where Taylor Cornelius’ second start lands in OSU’s record books.



There are a lot of opinions about Taylor Cornelius, but Saturday he did what only six quarterback’s in Oklahoma State’s history have done before: throw for at least 400 yards in a game.

Cornelius’s 428-yard performance against South Alabama was the 16th most passing yards any OSU quarterback has had in a game. He completed 25 of his 40 passes and threw a touchdown and two interceptions.

Cornelius joins Mike Gundy, Mason Rudolph, Brandon Weeden, Zac Robinson, Wes Lunt and Bobby Reid as Cowboy quarterbacks who have thrown for more than 400 yards in a game.

Of that list only Rudolph and Weeden have thrown for more than 400 yards more than once. Rudolph accumulated 10 400-yard performances in his time at OSU, edging out Weeden’s seven. Rudolph also has the most in a season, as he threw for at least 400 yards five times in 2017.

Lunt’s 436-yard performance came against Arizona in 2012. Lunt, then a freshman, threw for a school record 60 times in that game. Weeden also has a share of that record, as he threw 60 passes against Texas A&M in 2011 where he threw for 438 yards. Cornelius’ 40 attempts isn’t in the Top 10 of OSU’s record book.

Cornelius was only a yard off his coach’s personal best, as Gundy threw for 429 yards against Kansas as a senior in 1989.

Since the turn of the century, Cornelius is OSU’s only quarterback to throw for 400 yards but have more interceptions than touchdowns. (Kyle Cox and I went on a goose chase this morning trying to find out whether Gundy threw more interceptions than touchdown’s in his 400-yard game. We found that he completed 27 of his 35 passes and had two passing touchdowns, but there was no mention of whether he threw any interceptions). Weeden came close a few times, throwing one touchdown and one pick against Texas in 2010 and three touchdowns and three picks against Iowa State in 2011, but no one apart from Cornelius has gone in the negative.

Cornelius’ game was the third 400-yard passing performance that came against a school that isn’t in a Power Five conference.

Here’s a look at all the 400-yard games in OSU’s history:

Player Yards Year Opponent
Mason Rudolph 540 2016 Pittsburgh
Brandon Weeden 502 2011 Kansas State
Mason Rudolph 497 2017 Pittsburgh
Brandon Weeden 476 2011 Iowa State
Mason Rudolph 459 2017 Baylor
Mason Rudolph 457 2016 Kansas State
Mason Rudolph 448 2017 Oklahoma
Brandon Weeden 438 2011 Texas A&M
Mason Rudolph 438 2017 Kansas
Mason Rudolph 437 2015 Kansas State
Wes Lunt 436 2012 Arizona
Brandon Weeden 435 2010 Baylor
Zac Robinson 430 2007 Texas
Mason Rudolph 430 2015 Baylor
Mike Gundy 429 1989 Kansas
Taylor Cornelius 428 2018 South Alabama
Mason Rudolph 425 2017 Kansas State
Brandon Weeden 423 2011 Texas Tech
Bobby Reid 411 2006 Kansas
Brandon Weeden 409 2010 Tulsa
Brandon Weeden 409 2010 Texas
Mason Rudolph 401 2015 Central Arkansas


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