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Coronavirus Survey: How Are We Feeling, and How Much Are We Missing OSU Sports?

Great stuff here from OKC Dave.



OKC Dave has become known for his pre-football season surveys, which are a staple on this site and probably for most of you reading it. This time around he’s about five months early but with good reason. Dave is back with a coronavirus survey for OSU fans.

I just took it, and if a survey can somehow be cathartic, inspiring and humorous, it was. Questions include how we’re all doing emotionally, how we’ve been spending our time, which OSU figure you’d pick to be in charge of solving this and — maybe the greatest question of all — if you could pick on OSU player to hit a 3-pointer that would end this pandemic, who would it be?

Also of note: There’s a section on there about whether you can help or need help. At PFB we’ve already done a bit of the former and would like to do more.

So let’s get to surveying so Dave can spend his quarantine time in Excel and we can figure out how right (or wrong) everyone is about which player should be picked to hit that 3-ball to end it all.

Take survey.

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