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Could Doudou Gueye Be Waiting for Teammate to Commit Before He Does?

Gueye has gone radio silent since his OSU visit several weeks ago.



Things have been eerily quiet on the basketball recruiting front with Doudou Gueye, the Daytona State power forward prospect who visited OSU on an official basis several weeks ago.

So what gives?

Gueye has a lot of offers to sift through between Arkansas, Texas Tech, Seton Hall, Oklahoma State and East Carolina, but with Mike Boynton hiring Erik Pastrana, Gueye’s former coach, it should be a throw away the key and lock it up he’s definitely coming situation, no?

Not so simple, apparently. Though he continues to play his recruitment as tight to the vest as possible, a crack in said vest seemingly has revealed that he may, in fact, be waiting for his teammate to commit first, perhaps a sign the two are considering packaging themselves.

If that happens … not great. His teammate isn’t OSU material, frankly, so if there’s a package in the works it seems possible East Carolina (!) may stand to benefit.

I talked to one source in the recruiting industry this week who told me that Gueye, a floor-spacing Big who shot nearly 40 percent from 3 and averaged 11 points per game last season, is seen by some as a career backup, low impact get. Still, OSU could use depth in the frontcourt with Yor Anei and Kalib Boone in 2019, and he Gueye could be exactly that.

I still lean towards OSU being the favorite here but I think it’s 50/50 as opposed to 80/20 (80 percent confidence, 20 percent I dunno!), but I will say this: Maurice Calloo returning to OSU seems the more likely outcome at this point than any other recruiting development in the cycle. Calloo is waiting to be cleared from his issues legally, but has been at a junior college studying and staying in shape, according to another industry source.

If OSU can add either Calloo or Gueye — or both — it’d be a nice polish-off to a 2019 class that could have multiple starters for the next team to roll onto the white maple hardwood of GIA in 2019.

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