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Could the Pac-12 Pull Together a Super Conference That Includes OSU?

Could this work?



With the Big 12 likely set to lose its two biggest brands in Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC, the conference’s future seems uncertain.

The potential move has resulted in mass speculation across the past three days in regards to conference realignment, especially if it becomes open season with the rest of the Big 12’s teams. On Thursday, I looked at what a potential post Oklahoma and Texas Big 12 would look like. Now, let’s gander at what it might look like if OSU headed west.

The Super Pac
The Pod System

The SEC Network suggested a pod system for a 16-team SEC this week. It helps keep things (for football anyway) a little more localized and keeps it to where schedules are a little more consistent (again, for football anyway).

Here is how the SEC Network suggested it go:

  • Nine-game conference schedules;
  • A team would play the other three teams in its pod every season;
  • A team would play two games against each of the other pods;
  • A team hosts every team in the conference at least once every four seasons.
Why Oklahoma State?

The Cowboys and Cowgirls are competitive in nearly every sport they compete in, and with the facilities OSU has accumulated, it makes OSU capable of recruiting Texas, where I’m sure the Pac-12 will want a foothold. If the SEC were to take another Big 12 school, OSU seems like the logical third choice, so if super conference’s are the way of the future, the Pac-12 would be smart to grab the Pokes.

Why Texas Tech?

Texas Tech is already the western-most Big 12 school, so geographically, it makes as much sense as any. This would also give the Pac-12 a foothold in Texas, which would be a big reason for the Pac-12 even expanding in the first place.

Why Houston?

Similar to Tech, Houston provides an even deeper foothold in the Lone Star State. Houston being a short drive to the Gulf of Mexico makes little geographic sense for the Pacific Athletic Conference, but geography has already somewhat taken a back seat. Houston also has a large enrollment size, meaning a ton of ready-made fans. The Cougars have been positioning for a move up to a Power Five conference for a while now, adding clauses in coaching contracts for raises should the school move up a conference tier.

Why Boise State?

This one makes the most sense geographically. Boise State’s football program has proven to be among the elites at the Group of Five level for most of this century, and who wouldn’t love to see a little blue turf every once in a while?

Why No Kansas State, Baylor, TCU, BYU?

There is certainly a fair argument to add K-State to this thing, likely at the dismay of Boise State. I think the Pac-12 would value Houston over K-State at this point because it would be more beneficial to be in the state of Texas. Reports have come out Friday that Kansas is set to meet with the Big Ten, and if K-State can’t also hop on that train, it could be bad news for the Wildcats.

Baylor, TCU and BYU all fall in the same category of the Pac-12 being hesitant to add a religious school. Berry Tramel touched on that a little bit Thursday.

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