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Cox: Ranking My Top Five Uniform Combinations from 2016



Our man Hayden Barber already kicked this series off with his five favorite uniform combinations of 2016. It’s my turn and I’m here to debut the old-man voice. Mainly, I’m here to tell you why he was wrong. Don’t worry. I’ve got photographic evidence.

1. West Virginia (HC): Black (Old School Brand)/Orange/White


This is not even a competition in my mind. The Jimmy Johnson-era matte black brand helmet made my heart thump. The tri-color combo with the matching socks were ridiculous. I have never cared about the socks or noticed them before a close look at these. The only thing that would beat this would be a 30-year Barry Sanders-Heisman anniversary throwback next year… Oh, be still.

The cherry on top was West Virginia’s own tri-color set with old school “WV”. Not only was this the best OSU combo of the year, it might be the best two-team matchup in the Big 12 season in 2016.

2. Texas: Black (Marshal Badge)/Black/Black


Black. Black. Black. It can’t be beat. Only a few teams have the ability to pull this off with black being one of their school colors. And if you don’t take advantage of that at least once a season, you’re cheating yourself and your fanbase.

Let’s not ignore that it was an exceptional uni matchup with probably the best all-white combo in the nation. You can hate on the ‘Horns but you can’t hate on their away duds. The badge is growing on me. Swap it for the helmet from No. 1, and we’re in uncharted territory.

3. Kansas State: Orange (Giant Pete)/White/Black


I’ve decided. I’m not calling him “giant Pete” anymore because it is apparently “only Pete.” And he’s grown on me as well. That may not be the most popular take in our Slack chat, but my reality has been turned on its head because of the helmet that shall not be named. And “ginormous Pete” is my new baseline in terms of flashy helmets.

Plus, it was the only other good-looking tri-color scheme in 2016 so I had to include it. It just looks good.

4. Baylor: White (Ice-Cold Pete)/White/White


This one is just clean. All-white. So good. Icy Pete just works with this look and might be the only time that Peter works better than an OSU brand. Maybe, small (extinct) black Pete beats this out. But I’m not complaining.

5. Southeastern Louisiana: White (BRAND!)/Orange/White


This is not necessarily my favorite color combo. I need black with my orange. But for the simple fact that the brand is prominently (though chromatically) displayed, I felt compelled to ride. The brand must remain.

Now, if they could pull a fast one and go full-old school brand, they would knock my tri-colored socks off. But that may be asking too much.

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