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Barber: Ranking My Top Five Uniform Combinations From 2016



I’m not sure whether Oklahoma State has duplicated its uniform combination once since the big redesign in 2011, but I would not be shocked if every one was unique.

When the two-stripe design was released and added to the NCAA Football video game, it was like Christmas every day. Since then, the presents don’t come as frequently – only once a week – but in my opinion, the gifts are much grander than ever.

The Cowboys’ uniforms have gone from good to great, and with that being said, here are my top five combinations from last season:

1. Pittsburgh: White (Badge)/Orange/White

(USA Today)

Even if you love the brand and hate the badge, give it some respect.

The combination against Pittsburgh, through the lightning storm and all, was as clean as could be. The white/orange/white gave it that classic OSU look, but the introduction of the badge felt like it was kicking the classic look into sixth gear.

This was by far the best risk-reward combination of the whole season.

2. Southeastern Louisiana: White (Brand)/Orange/White

(USA Today)

It’s a little change that completely dictates the type of fan you are: Badge or brand.

OSU made its 2016 debut with the brand, and that made sense with the new uniform template and all. This look is like a Phil Forte 3-pointer or a Dan Bailey 50-yard field goal. It will just never get old.

3. Oklahoma: Black (Badge, Barbed Wire)/White/Black

(USA Today)

Had the Cowboys ran out for Bedlam in these in 2006, people would have collapsed in the stands.

Bedlam 2016 marked a completely new era in OSU uniforms. That game probably got more eyeballs to it than the whole non-conference schedule combined, and that included the Central Michigan game. The barbed wire helmet was first used two weeks prior, against Texas Tech, but that game didn’t have the pull.

People know OSU for the barbed wire helmets now. Good or bad. It’s also important to note the black facemask works exponentially more than the orange one on this helmet.

4. West Virginia (Homecoming): Matte Black (Old Brand)/Orange/White

(USA Today)

It must have been pretty difficult to find a way to use a decades-old brand with a modern uniform template, but this was done to near perfection.

The stickers on the backs of the helmets were nicer than a Jawun Evans crossover, and the 17-point win made them look even better. I would have liked to see black pants, but I get it.

It’s only a matter of time before Mike Gundy goes full uniform throwback for Homecoming.

5. Texas: Black (Badge)/Black/Black

(USA Today)

A lot of different ways you could have gone at No. 5.

The Icy Pete at Baylor was a solid choice. As was the white/white/black against TCU. But the all-blacks were as good as they could have been. The only downside to these were that they were worn for an 11 a.m. kick.

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