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NCAA Champs: Men’s Cross Country



I wrote this earlier today but you need to check out the new home page on – first in the Big XII to 50 NCAA titles. You bet we’ll take those 34 wrestling and 9 golf and 3 combined in football, basketball, and baseball and call ourselves the UCLA of the midwest!

By the way, am I the only one who doesn’t understand how a human can cover 10,000 meters on foot in under 30 minutes?

Seriously though, I just started this blog a week ago and made “49 things” one of my pages – one for each of our national titles, and I already have to change it to “50 things” because German and co. can’t stop winning.

Also, can we black out the ‘l’ in ‘Oklahoma State’ to represent our 50th title like UCLA did with the ‘C’ when they won their hundreth?

Congratulations guys, here’s to our next 50.

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