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Cunningham: Ranking My Top Five Uniform Combinations from 2016



Is this the year? The season OSU finally gets over the hump?

Is this the year they dethrone Oregon for the best uniforms in college football?! With the upgraded jerseys & plethora of helmets OSU is truly close to calling itself the best dressed in the nation. With that, let’s look back at 2016.

5. Central Michigan: Black/Black/Gray


If the helmet had the brand (chrome!) or the badge, it would be top two. I’ve wanted to see Black-Gray-Black since 2011, and this is a glimpse of its prowess. Black and gray is an awesome look and the orange numbers are a nice compliment.

4. Southeastern Louisiana: White (Brand)/Orange/White


Full disclosure: I’m not a White-Orange-White connoisseur. I guess I like the non-traditional looks more because I’ve seen WOW a majority of my life. This is strictly because of the brand – Only worn once the entire season! Is the brand a thing of the past? Is the badge the official logo now? I like the badge and will address it later but I’m worried about the brand, guys. By the way, what if I told you in the mid-2000s about a helmet with a black face mask, black stripe & metallic brand? Would you need CPR? I would. Keep in mind OSU was wearing these monstrosities back then.

3. West Virginia (HC): Black (Retro Brand)/Orange/White


“BY GAWD!!! THAT’S JIMMY JOHNSON’S MUSIC!!!” The throwback helmet was done so well I think my Dad thought he was watching ESPN Classic. I just wish they could go full-throwback with the jersey & pants, as well. Anyway, the homecoming helmet has become an annual thrill to see what the equipment staff comes up with and this was their best one yet.

2. TCU: White (Badge)/White/Black


This is a perfect road uniform. There is really no way to understate how crucial the switch to black numbers is. The numeral pops on its own but paired with the black pants is perfection. I was leery at first but it’s really grown on me: I’m all-in on the aforementioned badge. If they aren’t going to wear the brand…Badge > Pete.

1. Texas: Black (Badge)/Black/Black


All-black is foolproof. When you are one of the few schools with black as an official school color (looking at you, TCU & Baylor. High school move.) you must take advantage. There’s not a more intimidating look than all-black, everything. Throw-in the badge & chrome face mask and this combo is among the best in the nation.

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