Current and Former Players React to Brad Underwood Departure

Written by Kyle Cox

Oklahoma State and its fan base is still reeling from the news that one-year coach and Yester. Day. Guy. Brad Underwood is heading to Illinois.

Some former and current players also reacted to the news on social media.

Exiting senior Phil Forte was apparently not in the team meeting that took place on campus Saturday.

The other departing senior couldn’t muster more than one word to describe his feelings.

It comes as little surprise but the current players on the roster were somewhat subdued in their social media reactions.

Doug Gottlieb seems to hold no hard feelings after coming in second to Underwood a year ago. Here he is effectively (though subtly) throwing remind us all where his hat remains.

And if that wasn’t direct enough for you.

There’s little doubt where former Cowboy guard Joe Adkins’ thoughts fall.

And if we’re back on the #BringDougHome train, we might as well make room for Mase. Take a gander at the former Slam Dunk champ’s timeline to learn all you need to know about his thoughts on serving in a role at his alma mater.

And Joe…

And Doug’s already got the endorsement of former Cowboy and Big 12 Player of the Year, Tony Allen. #FirstTeamAll-Alumni

Brian Montonati is on board for Doug, as well.

Former Cowboy player and assistant Bill Self was shocked when he heard the news.

  • Dustin Mayfield

    Any word on Underwoods assistants?

  • StillOriginal

    Tom Crean, Barry Hinson, Fred Hoiberg.
    Thinking outside the box…
    Why not bring Doug in as an assistant first?
    I think John Lucas III would be a nice assistant as well.

    • frankwick

      Barry Hinson? Think bigger, please. Super nice guy but not a good recruiter and his coaching ability is slightly above average.

      Last year, Doug said we wouldn’t come as an assistant.

      Is Hoiberg still coaching The Bulls? If not, that would be a great hire.

    • Riley Sutton

      Not really a fan of any of your HC suggestions, other than Hoiberg, but I love the idea of John Lucas as an assistant.

  • Son of a Cowboy

    Does anyone think Rhode Island’s Danny Hurley is an option?

  • davids

    Doug was second choice last year?

  • swaggypaw

    don’t doug it

  • T-Bone

    Brad was on a roll. Yes he was, rolling right through town on his way to Illinois.