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Cya Dana



If you’ve been under a rock for the last 6 hours, Dana Holgorsen has become the “coach-in-waiting” (whatever that means) at West Virginia. A few preliminary thoughts

  • I want to be really upset about this but it’s difficult to blame a guy who has no family and no ties to our program (other than he and Gundy are both very bizarre human beings) leaving for a head coaching job at a better program.
  • Re: everyone freaking out about what I said in bullet #1 about WVU being a better program than OSU, consider what Matty A. pointed out to me earlier today – WVU all-time record: 691-453-45 OSU all-time record – 517-520-47
  • Can’t wait for the Mike Leach pirate cowboy rumors to begin. 2 words: not. happening
  • It’s going to be fun watching Blackmon run routes for Jimmy Clausen in Charlotte next year.
  • I’m not sure that we can get out of this weird purgatorial state where we’re good enough to attract top coaching talent but not good enough to retain it.
  • To his credit, Holgorsen never said he wasn’t leaving…
  • A silver lining in all of this (and there aren’t many) for me occurred yesterday when I realized I’d get to see some OSU highlights on SportsCenter when they showed that Holgorsen was about to take over. What did they give me? Bill Stewart and those hideous ProCombats WVU wore in the Pitt game this year. Thanks guys.
  • I wonder what Gundy thinks about all of this. All his assistants springboarding his program for better (for them) jobs. He has to have thought, “I wonder what Ann Arbor is like this time of year?” at least once.
  • I have no clue where we go from here. I suspect someone from within the program as the system we have in place seems to be…um…mildly successful.

I took the bullets off because this is going to be longer than a bulleted point. It’s interesting to me that he didn’t sign a contract at OSU. Interesting because…well…who does that (besides Gundy)? And, also interesting that Holder was OK from the outset with a guy famous for being a hotshot coordinator signing as a year-to-year coach. I listen to Dan Patrick most every day and yesterday he was ripping on coaches who activate their buyout clause and jump ship for a better position. It does seem somewhat contradictory that a coach can get away with that but if a player transfers he has to sit out a year. In this case though, Holgorsen didn’t really do anything morally wrong (not that he’s opposed to moral transgressions in the least). He said he didn’t want to bounce from job to job which, in retrospect, looks like garbage, but I guarantee if me or any of my friends were offered a better position with another company where our pay would double, we’d be out faster than you can say “ChelftoHarrisonisn’tgoingtobeasexcitingasWeedentoBlackmonwas.”

I’ll come back tomorrow with a “what I’ll miss most about Dana” top-10 list. His f-bomb laced tirades are sure to be at or near the top.

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