Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Good article on the life of Mike McGraw (hint: it’s cooler than yours). (O’Colly)

Heaney named to the Golden Spikes watch list. (okstate.com)

Oklahoma State football player arrested. Nice. (O’Colly)

Vote for how many passing yards Brandon Weeden will have next year. (Plain Dealer)

Karsten Creek voted the #1 public course in Oklahoma. Duh. (Tulsa World)

Oklahoma State hires a new director of player development for its women’s basketball team. (okstate.com)

The second comment on this post killed me. (EDSBS)

Eddie to be honored by the Tulsa Sports Charities. (Tulsa World)

Good post on the dudes protecting #3 next season. (Waiting For Next Year)

Justin Gilbert – top 15 pick? (Sports Illustrated)

Gabe Weidenaar. Gone. (Tulsa World)

This is…INSANE. (Deadspin)

Oh, so a separation of power might be a good idea, you say? (New York Times)

Since we’re on the topic of “who really runs these accounts?” here’s an interesting reveal about the Twitter account @firstworldpains. (YouTube)

Oh. My.

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  • jpearson27

    It should be illegal to create a mock draft a year early.