Daily Bullets

Must read of the day, Jimmie Tramel doing work on Marek Soucek. (Tulsa World)

Second must read of the day, Slater interviews JPO. His quote about the fans rushing the court against Mizzou is hysterical. (O’Colly)

I know some of you hate every coach who ever leaves OSU, but Tim Beckman is kind of awesome. (Dr. Saturday)

Rick Barnes appreciates how Keiton plays. (Austin American-Statesman)

Markel has been dubbed “mayor of Lob Stilly.” I like. (NewsOK)

I agree with Berry Tramel here, there HAS to be some sort of metric by which teams earn their way into a playoff. (NewsOK)

Not sure it’s fair to say “OSU and OU open to expansion” here. They’re kind of just open to whatever will keep their teams a viable part of a good conference. (Tulsa World)

Wait…we haven’t won in Norman since 2004? (NewsOK)

OSU falls in the finals of the national duel competition. (okstate.com)

Nash doesn’t understand why people bite on Keiton’s pump fake. (NewsOK)

Good writeup here by CRFF on the game Saturday. The Hawking joke, while wildly inappropriate, killed me. (CRFF)

How is Texas ahead of OSU here?? (NewsOK)

jc25 breaks down the OSU Texas game and actually blames OSU’s 56 free throws on Texas’ incompetence. Also, the first comment on this post his hilarious. (Barking Carnival)

Jeff Borzello and Matt Norlander have Keiton as one of Saturday’s all-stars. (CBS Sports)

Keiton gets OSU’s first Big 12 player of the week award. (Big 12 Sports)

Yes Ford, yes, you’re getting it. (NewsOK)

Um, yeah, this isn’t good. (NewsOK)

  • Chance

    Not sure how I feel about Tramel’s playoff article. Dan Wetzel’s Death to the BCS had me on board with the home field playoff games, but Tramel has given me something to think about. Personally, I don’t mind the polls and such when they aren’t determining #1 and #2. The top 8 or 10 or whatever teams I’m okay with. Or, just do conference champs and take any subjectivity out of it completely (Yes, I’m okay with Sun Belt champ getting in, purpose of playoff is to find best team, not best 10).

  • Great stuff from Ford. As much as the players are growing and becoming a team, Ford is doing the same as a coach.

    How much, in terms of conference play, are we hating that loss at A&M and in GIA vs K State (Iowa St is a good team, so I’m not counting the buzzer beater loss there)? 8-6 with a chance to go 10-8, maybe 11-7? Crazy.

  • Clint

    Lol you’re crazy. I love watching Fedoras success, Beckmans, Holgerson, and I’ll enjoy watching Deforest turn into an amazing coach. I love all of it.

  • Clint

    Ehh sorry lol just noticed you said “some of you”

  • Clint

    That was a great story though. Remember when he came back at half time of our bowl game the year he left to help. That was pretty classy as well. He’s great.