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Gina Mizell says being good at football means a better university. (NewsOK)

Only two Cowboys are first or second team All-Americans. I think that’s actually a good thing for this team. (Sports Illustrated)

Missouri says this is a big opportunity to get revenge for 2008. (Missourian)

Great interview with Weeden here, including this gem: “…everybody gets the perception that this offense is a “system” and you’re a product of the system. I think that is the furthest thing of the truth. If you look at the tape, sure, we run a couple screens here and there, but we don’t just dink and dunk it. We’re throwing the ball down the field.” (NewsOK)

Gundy finally says who he’d take between Dez and Blackmon. (ESPN)

Travis Ford clearly doesn’t buy into the “we don’t let freshmen do interviews” philosophy championed by Mike Gundy. (NewsOK)

Wow, OSU has won 8 consecutive road games, but Mizzou has won 10 consecutive home games. (ESPN)

Cool story about a runner from Kenya who got to Oklahoma State via Western Kentucky. And you thought your college career was tumultuous. (O’Colly)

Missouri is 1-4 since 2008 against top ten teams. (Missourian)

Mizzou will be tested on defense. How will they respond on offense? (ESPN)

Don’t forget to vote for Rickie Fowler against Bubba Watson to be on the cover of Tiger Woods 2013. (Facebook)

All eight SI writers have OSU in the Fiesta Bowl. (Sports Illustrated)

I feel like these Homecoming & Hoops things always sound a lot cooler than they actually are. (News 9)

I may or may not have laughed at the fact that OSU was forced to put my name on their website. (

Ubben says Blackmon has come back down to earth. (ESPN)

Hoops top 25 is out. OSU doesn’t get a single vote. (USA Today)

Here’s Weeden on SportsCenter yesterday. “We’re sorry, video sharing for this video has been disabled” is not an acceptable response, ESPN! (ESPN)

If you’re making the road trip to Columbia, read up. (Holy Turf)

This is scary and hilarious and brilliant, all at the same time.

Outstanding infographic of the perks you get for working at Google, Facebook, and Twitter. (Church Mag)

I found this to be really funny for some reason…

I don’t even know which joke to make about this…

Thanks for supporting what I said yesterday, Bill.

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