Daily Bullets

Welp, the last sentence is kind of a dagger, no? (Denver Post)

Don Banks makes a Brandon Weeden age joke. Clever. (Sports Illustrated)

In researching for our top 20 guards posts from yesterday and for today, I came across the sad story of Glendon Alexander. (Sports Illustrated)

Baseball falls to Missouri State. (okstate.com)

Ubben says OSU had the 6th best linebacker unit in the Big 12 last season. (ESPN)

It’s still crazy to me that OSU not playing for a college football title might be the tipping point for a college football playoff. You could have gotten, like, 1,000,000,000 to 1 odds on that 15 years ago. (Yahoo!)

Danny O’Brien to Stillwater, question mark? (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Cincy Joe on Keiton, though I might point out that he’s a career 36% three point shooter and the national average is 34% so he’s barely above average. (CowboysRFF)

Can you imagine the meltdown if we go 5-7? (NewsOK)

The biggest shoes to fill in college football. (CBS Sports)

At least one of our basketball teams can beat KU. (okstate.com)

Rick and Chuck in the field at the Honda Classic this weekend. (PGA Tour)

Ubben ranks OSU as the #1 spring QB battleground. (ESPN)

Really cool description of Keiton’s game by Eamonn Brennan passed on to me by a reader. (ESPN)

Here’s Tyshawn Taylor’s mom rubbing her chest in GIA on Monday. Totally SFW. (CowboysRFF)

McShay says Blackmon solidified himself as the #1 WR. Okay, cool. (ESPN Insider)

Don’t care about your affiliations and not making a statement about mine, but the part where Obama talks about Bush throwing out the first pitch is…awesome. (Grantland)

  • bMyles

    Loved the First Pitch video…just awesome.

    For those that might not remember… I couldn’t resist.

  • Scott

    Why wouldn’t Danny O’Brien transfer to Texas? He would start there with out a doubt. Am I wrong?

  • Tyler

    Couldnt read all of the Alexander story, dont want to think of someone I always admired so much in a bad way like that. All id like to know is how is he doing now? and did we ever get in any NCAA trouble because of that? I am not aware of so if we did

  • Chance

    I don’t think OSU will be anything like Texas in 2010. I remember even in ’09, while Texas was good enough to get to the NC, I felt like it was a one trick team offensively, with McCoy to Shipley. McCoy had many intangibles, but their offense that year and some previous years wasn’t really that fun to watch (went to grad school there so I followed them for a while). I don’t feel that way with OSU in 2011, even with the Weeden to Blackmon show.

    • Geoff

      Obama: “In practice you are throwing heat”… I’m calling BS on that one. I saw him throw out the first pitch of his presidency. He threw it like a girl and grounded it in front of the plate.

      Maybe he should stick to basketball and quit telling tall tales about his massive rocket for an arm.