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Welp, the last sentence is kind of a dagger, no? (Denver Post)

Don Banks makes a Brandon Weeden age joke. Clever. (Sports Illustrated)

In researching for our top 20 guards posts from yesterday and for today, I came across the sad story of Glendon Alexander. (Sports Illustrated)

Baseball falls to Missouri State. (

Ubben says OSU had the 6th best linebacker unit in the Big 12 last season. (ESPN)

It’s still crazy to me that OSU not playing for a college football title might be the tipping point for a college football playoff. You could have gotten, like, 1,000,000,000 to 1 odds on that 15 years ago. (Yahoo!)

Danny O’Brien to Stillwater, question mark? (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Cincy Joe on Keiton, though I might point out that he’s a career 36% three point shooter and the national average is 34% so he’s barely above average. (CowboysRFF)

Can you imagine the meltdown if we go 5-7? (NewsOK)

The biggest shoes to fill in college football. (CBS Sports)

At least one of our basketball teams can beat KU. (

Rick and Chuck in the field at the Honda Classic this weekend. (PGA Tour)

Ubben ranks OSU as the #1 spring QB battleground. (ESPN)

Really cool description of Keiton’s game by Eamonn Brennan passed on to me by a reader. (ESPN)

Here’s Tyshawn Taylor’s mom rubbing her chest in GIA on Monday. Totally SFW. (CowboysRFF)

McShay says Blackmon solidified himself as the #1 WR. Okay, cool. (ESPN Insider)

Don’t care about your affiliations and not making a statement about mine, but the part where Obama talks about Bush throwing out the first pitch is…awesome. (Grantland)

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