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Well, this went well…good work, Holder. (AP)

146 people have joined our bracket challenge…let’s get it to 300. Reminder: Masters hat to the winner. (Yahoo!)

“Portions of this [Holgorsen] interview were cut for length.” Yeah…”length.” (ESPN)

Bill Barnwell says the Steelers could end up with Justin Blackmon, here’s how. (Grantland)

Gundy says OSU is LOADED on defense, not so much on offense. So this is what it’s like to be Texas? (NewsOK)

Ford’s kidding, right? “If he doesn’t get drafted in the first round…” Right??” (O’Colly)

Robbie Rea wins Big 12 player of the week honors…as he should. (Big 12 Sports)

Even Jenni Carlson is getting in on the pick-a-team March action. (NewsOK)

Screw March Madness, we’ve got Arch Madness on Thursday. (

Ubben evaluates his Big12 player rankings, I didn’t have any big complaints. (ESPN)

I’m bummed that Gilbert won’t get to return as many kicks this season. (O’Colly)

However, I AM excited about this…

[blackbirdpie url=”!/Youngg_Savage/status/179255475416743937″]

Great photo gallery from yesterday’s practice. Are Randle and Smith big, or no? (NewsOK)

Cowgirls get Central Arkansas in the first round of the NIT. (

“May the best man win.” (NewsOK)

More of Gundy on the QB battle. Are you tired of it yet?? We’re just getting started! (Tulsa World)

Picking the tournament based on resume rather than team name? Yes please. (Wall Street Journal)

With 48 teams in the dance, Nike’s having a down year. (CNBC)

Bookmark Luke Winn, reading his stuff on the tournament will make you a smarter basketball fan. (Sports Illustrated)

Here are some highlights from Blackmon’s pro day…

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