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First of all, big thanks to everyone who participated. We raised $650 for Kurt Budke court with a few checks still pending. I’ll have the final tally for you guys in the next few days as well as a prize announcement for the women’s bracket winner (whoever that may be…)

Read this. (NewsOK)

Somebody from West Virginia wants to know why Ubben thinks Weeden is better than Geno Smith. No, seriously. Also, interesting that Ubben thinks Quinn Sharp cost Weeden the Heisman, I’m not so sure. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel on the proposed new Big 12 deal with ABC/ESPN. With the way ESPN firmly trumpeted the SEC last fall during the title race (and trust me, they have a vested interest in doing so) I’d say “screw it” and roll the dice with NBC. (NewsOK)

Blackmon is moving up draft boards because of his pro day (which is dumb) and Tannehill is falling because he hasn’t been able to throw yet. Literally…not figuratively. (ESPN)

Quinn Sharp and Justin Gilbert are not excited about the new kickoff rules. (NewsOK)

Absolutely fascinating. (Columbia Daily Tribune)

Cowgirls advance in the NIT. (NewsOK)

Shamiel Gary is in the running to take over Markelle Martin’s safety spot. (NewsOK)

Good post here on the upside of Weeden’s age. (Mocking the Draft)

Peyton Manning’s fate will likely affect where Weeden ends up. Duh? (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten on the Kye Staley comeback. (Tulsa World)

Gina with the top four teams Weeden could go to. (NewsOK)

How insane would this be? (Kegs N Eggs)

Pretty interesting article on Scott Drew here, he basically says “yeah, I don’t really play by the rules but I also don’t care too much if other people don’t like me for it.” Very intriguing. (Fox Sports Southwest)

You can check in on our NCAA Tournament fantasy player draft standings here. Kim English did big things for me.

This is INSANE. ht Ben Allen (Jalopnik)

This is Ohio State’s head coach FREAKING OUT during the Jordan Oliver Logan Stieber match, I have no idea why he’s backstage…

Watch more video of NCAA Wrestling Championships 2012 on

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