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First of all, big thanks to everyone who participated. We raised $650 for Kurt Budke court with a few checks still pending. I’ll have the final tally for you guys in the next few days as well as a prize announcement for the women’s bracket winner (whoever that may be…)

Read this. (NewsOK)

Somebody from West Virginia wants to know why Ubben thinks Weeden is better than Geno Smith. No, seriously. Also, interesting that Ubben thinks Quinn Sharp cost Weeden the Heisman, I’m not so sure. (ESPN)

Berry Tramel on the proposed new Big 12 deal with ABC/ESPN. With the way ESPN firmly trumpeted the SEC last fall during the title race (and trust me, they have a vested interest in doing so) I’d say “screw it” and roll the dice with NBC. (NewsOK)

Blackmon is moving up draft boards because of his pro day (which is dumb) and Tannehill is falling because he hasn’t been able to throw yet. Literally…not figuratively. (ESPN)

Quinn Sharp and Justin Gilbert are not excited about the new kickoff rules. (NewsOK)

Absolutely fascinating. (Columbia Daily Tribune)

Cowgirls advance in the NIT. (NewsOK)

Shamiel Gary is in the running to take over Markelle Martin’s safety spot. (NewsOK)

Good post here on the upside of Weeden’s age. (Mocking the Draft)

Peyton Manning’s fate will likely affect where Weeden ends up. Duh? (NewsOK)

Bill Haisten on the Kye Staley comeback. (Tulsa World)

Gina with the top four teams Weeden could go to. (NewsOK)

How insane would this be? (Kegs N Eggs)

Pretty interesting article on Scott Drew here, he basically says “yeah, I don’t really play by the rules but I also don’t care too much if other people don’t like me for it.” Very intriguing. (Fox Sports Southwest)

You can check in on our NCAA Tournament fantasy player draft standings here. Kim English did big things for me.

This is INSANE. ht Ben Allen (Jalopnik)

This is Ohio State’s head coach FREAKING OUT during the Jordan Oliver Logan Stieber match, I have no idea why he’s backstage…

Watch more video of NCAA Wrestling Championships 2012 on flowrestling.org

  • Steven

    Awesome video of the wrestling coach, but can somebody who knows wrestling explain what the controversy was? Not saying there wasn’t one, just saying I have no idea what I’m watching for.

    • Poke

      Not an expert either. But, Oliver grabs Stieber’s ankles, which gives him control over his opponent and should have gained him 2 points to win the match.

      Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • BostonPoke

      Oliver got Stieber’s both ankles which means its a take down and the ref wasn’t paying attention to it.

  • Poke

    Oh, and I think the Ohio coach knew his kid lost until the ref didn’t signal the takedown.

  • Geoff

    The Ohio State wrestler was on his butt but the ref claims that Oliver only had one leg in possession and that the Stieber Was sitting on his other leg. If you watch the replay, its obvious that Oliver had both legs in possession and Stieber was on his rear. That’s a takedown, which is two points for Oliver with a few seconds left on the clock. Oliver should have won the championship and would have had the ref got down low enough to see the only deciding factor of whether it was a takedown or not instead of standing over them like an idiot letting the time expire.

  • Capt Morgan

    Don’t kid yourself to make the pain go away, Kyle. You can’t forget that the media eye was focused squarely on Weeden beginning with that game. The trophy is all about where you are in the spotlight. Weeden was ready to take charge as Luck and Griffin had lost recently and Richardson was never #1. The ISU FG assertion is entirely true. He would’ve won. We would’ve gone to NOR and lost to LSU by 7-20 points.

    • Kyle Porter

      He didn’t throw a TD against OU two weeks later though. His last TD pass would have happened before Thanksgiving. I’m not saying he for sure wouldn’t have won it…but I think it would have been close.

    • Geoff

      Not buying it at all. You can’t put if off on the kicker. We were in the situation with Sharpe because of poor QB play mixed with a multitude of WR drops, poor coaching preparation and very poor defensive play. The whole thing just culminated into a missed field goal that gives everyone a moment in the game to pin the “That’s when it all went wrong” tag on. Not true. It went wrong from the moment we gave up the first touchdown and allowed them to narrow the lead to 14 points.

      It was a full team effort (or lack there of), including Weeden, that lost him the Heisman and the trip to NOLA.

      • You’re saying a 400+ yard with 3 TDs performance lost Weeden the Heisman? You’re wrong dude. The LOSS toward the end of the season to blow our national championship hopes is what dropped Weeden from the Heisman rankings.

  • @arin5000

    Weeden would have at least gone to NYC

  • KNelson

    I’m with you that we need to give ESPN the finger. They have created such a monopoly on college sports that they have the power to sway decisions in the NCAA. The only way to break it is to not give them the opportunity to make money off of us. The Big XII should go with NBC and hopefully set the stage for other conferences to join in the boycott of ESPN.

  • Is Ubben saying he would have voted for Weeden rather than Griffin had Sharp made the field goal? I know he didn’t directly say that but he’s basically implying that a field goal kicker influenced who got his Heisman vote and I’m sure he’s not the only one.

    **Not sure if Ubben even has a Heisman vote

  • Wooly

    So, what I’m seeing here is: not giving Oliver credit for the takedown is essentially the same thing as the ref ignoring a go-ahead 3-pointer or TD with only a couple seconds left? Disgraceful

  • I thought the writer’s perspective on Christianity was more intriguing than the main story.

    • I’m talking about the Scott Drew article, by the way.