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Budke court update: checks are still rolling in via snail mail so I won’t have anything to physically send for a week or so, just wanted to keep you guys on the up-and-up.

Make sure you guys introduce the nation to Stillwater (might want to leave the whole Tumbleweed/Tremors thing out). (ESPN)

HBO comes to Stillwater to take a look a the second plane crash. This should be interesting. (Tulsa World)

Brandon Weeden is not a betting man. (NewsOK)

Andrew Heaney wins Big 12 pitcher of the week and leads the country in Ks. (

So we have AND now? I wonder if this means no more stories on NewsOK? (Oklahoman)

Speaking of websites, got a makeover yesterday as well. (OK State)

Ubben has a different name for OSU’s QB race. (ESPN)

Ivan Maisel says Bedlam has a chance to be an all-time rivalry. ht @osumaverick (ESPN)

Oklahoma State hire’s a new women’s assistant coach. (Campus Corner)

John Lucas had 20-1-2 last night against Orlando. (ESPN)

The story on Robin Ventura in this week’s SI is really good. (Sports Illustrated)

Pretty funny Travis Ford-Keiton Page ping-pong story here. (Slater Sports)

Ubben with some interesting thoughts on the trouble with social media in college athletics. (ESPN)

Great story on Zuckerberg. ht DeShazo (Fast Company)

O RLY? (New York Times)

Intriguing look at who would have won you money with their bracket picks. Bilas is swagging. (Deadspin)

I wrote this piece for my church this month. (The Village Church)

Great post here by Mark Cuban about not following your passion. (Blog Maverick)

Holy. Crap. (The Verge)

This is pretty funny re: Baylor’s “Big 12 re-jects” chant against Colorado on Saturday. (SB Nation)

I should start a TV network and hire him as an analyst. Ratings gold.

[blackbirdpie url=”!/aa000G9/status/181823729683283968″]

Here’s the triple play OSU turned last week…

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