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Budke update: as you can see by the thermometer update to the right, the checks are still rolling in via snail mail. We’re up to $853 with three checks that I know of still floating around out there. Hopefully I can find one of those massive checks they hand out at halftime of basketball games to send to Salina next week. Not sure how you get one of those babies in the mailbox though…

Is Andrew Heaney the best pitcher in the country? (NewsOK)

Really interesting info on how money from the NCAA Tourney and BCS games is divided up. (ESPN)

“I haven’t watched ESPN since the Fiesta Bowl.” (Tulsa World)

Love the headline, don’t love where OSU is. (Golf Digest)

Is Anthony Slater running the Oklahoman now? Good Q&A with Joseph Randle. Didn’t know he was boys with Blake Bell. (NewsOK)

Interesting take on the “Gift of a Lifetime” debacle. I’m still formulating mine, mostly because it feels like there’s more to the story… (CRFF)

Women’s NIT tonight. (

OSU was the third most profitable school in the Big 12 in 2010-2011. (ESPN)

This study shows that OSU got pretty lucky last year. I do wish they would have adjusted for maybe, say, the last five years worth of turnovers. For some teams (maybe even OSU) it’s definitely luck, others though, it’s just kind of what they do. (SB Nation)

Is Bedlam catching the RRR? (Tulsa World)

The pomp! The circumstance! (ESPN)

Pretty cray, the President is in Cushing today. (KOCO)

Yes, sadly I’m excited. (NewsOK)

Great interview with Jon Hamm about Mad Men’s return on Sunday. (The AV Club)

This is a pretty wild story about how high schools are using Moneyball. (WSJ)

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