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Good article by Bill Haisten on who OSU is looking to for wide receiver depth. (Tulsa World)

Arkansas-Little Rock tonight at Allie P. (

Phil Forte will compete in the high school three-point championships this weekend. Cezar won it last year so, yeah, whatever. (

Good stuff from Brendon Morris on the tough task of being Jim Littell. (O’Colly)

“When we first started, we had no chance to run threes. We could barely run twos.” (

“I’ve been told not to call it a ‘spring game'” Huh? (NewsOK)

I mean it’s good that defensive line is our weakest position, right? (ESPN)

Shaqwater. (O’Colly)

You can chat with Brandon Weeden at 2:15 tomorrow afternoon on ESPN. (ESPN)

CRFF has Weeden to KC in the second round. (CRFF)

Crazy story on horses and drug scandals in horse racing has OSU ties. (New York Times)

New bike store in Stillwater. (O’Colly)

Remind me, we did win the Big 12 and not back-to-back-to-back national titles, correct?

Here’s another picture of the rings. (NewsOK)

Damien Davis doing Damien Davis things? ht Brian Gittings

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