Daily Bullets

Cowgirls move on, play for the NIT title on Saturday night. (NewsOK)

Yes. (NewsOK)

Weeden topped out at 97 on the hill, nice. (ESPN)

Speaking of Smart, he had a very strange 1-6-5 line last night in the McDonald’s All-American game. (ESPN Dallas)

[sarcasm font] Yes, we should absolutely rely on the NCAA to make an appeal in OSU’s favor so that we can look forward to having a good year in basketball. (NewsOK)

The evolution of Josh Stewart. (Tulsa World)

Gina transcribed a lot of Brandon Weeden stuff yesterday. There’s some interesting stuff in there, love the Van Pelt interview. (NewsOK)

Jacob Lacey will replace Eric Wright in Detroit. (ESPN)

Debating Tannehill vs. Weeden. Not sure why. ht DeShazo (NFL.com)

Pretty interesting article by Tramel on Clint Chelf’s iciness. (NewsOK)

Great link of Adarius Bowman doing Adarius Bowman things in the CFL. ht Taber Wetz (ESKS)

Unfortunately Gundy passed away in the coaching Hunger Games today. (Yahoo!)

I would really like to know what, exactly, is going to settle the QB debate. (NewsOK)

Is “a better prospect than Christian Ponder” how you want to be defined? (SB Nation)

Oklahoma had the 4th highest personal income growth in the country in 2011. (Tulsa World)

  • Nolo

    Okay of course Weeden can throw a baseball 97mph but that doesn’t mean he has a strong arm.

    • Kyle Porter

      I wonder what Tannehill could throw it once that foot heals…maybe 140? ScooterandJack need to investigate.

      • Chance

        It is very frustrating, you have 1 guy who went 12-1 his senior year, had a few come from behind victories, took part in everything between college and pros, and the guy who went 7-6, lost from ahead, was maybe the 5th or 6th best QB in the division, was not in the top 25 of Ubben’s Big 12 players, may go ahead of him, all because he has “potential”. Granted, one cannot help if they are hurt, but I’m unclear why his stock has skyrocketed so much.

    • Steven

      “Okay of course Weeden can throw a baseball 97mph but that doesn’t mean he has a strong arm.”

      Uhhh, yeah, it does.

      • Scott

        NOLO should have used the sarcasm font on this post.

  • Chase

    My opinion only. But does anyone else not want d. will back on the basketball team next year! I know people make mistakes i have plenty, but dont you think if tracy moore got accused and should be charged with rape gundy would let him back on the team? Maybe thats the difference between our clean football program and our not clean basketball program… dont mean to sound rude but i think its only right. Wasnt there a great LB a few years back that gundy kicked off because he was found guilty on sexual assault charges in texas?? I think so….