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I don’t believe you, Mike Gundy. (NewsOK)

This is why I don’t believe you. (NewsOK)

Is it me or was Grant Garner really underrated? (Tulsa World)

All biases aside, this is one of the best sports web sites around. They’ve done a phenomenal job. Welcome to the next several hours of your day. (Masters)

Wetzel kills it here. (Yahoo!)

Is this real life? I’m dying for someone to take Weeden before Tannehill. Dying. (

I don’t know why this stuff bothers me so much. But it does. This is actually the worst one I’ve seen. Is Baldinger serious?!? At least Charles Davis has a clue. And apparently 7-8 is good. Finally, if I’m an NFL team I can’t build around a guy that looks like the dude from Twilight. (

Final Weeden link of the day. We’ll end on a positive note. These are the perks of having an agent. Wouldn’t it be cool if we had agents for everyday jobs that could hook us up with tickets to anything we want. (Washington Post)

I have a new life goal. (

This is ridiculous, we’re clearly a top 70 team! In all seriousness, the tennis Pete logo is tied with golf Pete for my favorite OSU logo. (

Let’s try this again (i.e. the link on Tuesday wasn’t working). h/t Amilian (Deadspin)

Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t like the Heat. But, how cool is it that Terrel Harris is playing with LeBron and DWade? (NewsOK)

Disclaimer: This is Q, filling in for Pistolsguy who is probably holding a sweet tea and a breakfast sandwich somewhere around the first tee right now. Even still, hiring Danny Manning is newsworthy. (Tulsa World)

Really weird story. Hope it was worth it, b/c the video is really not good. (Yahoo!)

Gosh, it would be so cool to see an OSU guy win this thing. My picks for our Cowboys are Mahan (3), CH3(7), Fowler (24), Verplank (42), Van Pelt (58). I feel like the dude who ranks college tennis teams all the sudden. (Augusta Chronicle)

My apologies for not getting a video pasted in. I tried to paste about 37 golf/Masters videos in and I kept getting Billy Payned. Speaking of Billy Payne, do you think he knows this video exists? And if so, how did he react when he saw it? (You Tube)

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