Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Vacationing in Colorado this week so I’m probably just going to be going straight bullets (gosh that sounds hood) this week unless something crazy happens…

Solid story here by Ivan Maisel. Gundy doesn’t know how many suites Boone Pickens Stadium or how many have sold, but he knows how to build a program. (ESPN)

OSU gets a new point guard. (Tulsa World)

Freshman QB, freshman PG, why note? (Sporting News)

Cool article here, Weeden on Fowler: “the way he can shape shots is just stupid good.” (Plain Dealer)

Mike Huguenin thinks Todd Monken will be a head coach next season. (Yahoo!)

Terrel Harris: from broke to ballin. (NewsOK)

And here’s Harris with his best LeBron story. (NewsOK)

I don’t really understand Olympic qualifying, but apparently German Fernandez is still in the running for it (no pun intended). (okstate.com)

Gina breaks down OSU’s non-con opponents, kind of. (NewsOK)

Case McCoy goes off on the Browns! Kind of! (Plain Dealer)

Excellent! (NewsOK)

Robert Allen reporting on the slick steps at Boone Pickens Stadium. Hard hitting. (Scout)

Tania Ganguli says Blackmon will be the 2nd or 3rd WR in Jacksonville. (Times-Union)

I also feel obligated to tell you there’s video making the rounds of Blackmon’s detainment at the Stillwater police station. I’m not going to post it (because I don’t see the point) but if you want, The Big Lead has it on their site.

This is the aforementioned new PG (fast forward to 2:00)…

  • FreeMason10

    Not that I have a big problem with LeBron doing it, but do you think KD pulls up his highlight reels on YouTube to show his friends how he dominated particular games? Doubt it.

    Oh and Case, when you go from being backup QB for the Browns to backup QB for the Eagles, you aren’t drawing the lucky straw over a starting NFL QB. Ever.

  • larry

    good thing we are playing basketball in a league where there is a height limit. all these guards should enable osu to finish, oh, 9th or 10th in the big 12 and win at least half of the non-conf games (and both the exhibitions) maybe.

    post game? who needs a stinking post game. post defense? who needs post defense. we got a 210 lb euro, maybe a juco post guy (if healed from injury and not in jail), and a 185 pound guy taller than 6’7.

    yeah, definitely needed another short guy.

    • FreeMason10

      Not saying you’re wrong about needing a post guy, but have you paid attention to our PG situation recently?

      • larry

        yep. markel, smart and brown can bring the ball up and deal with full court presses. add in nash as point forward on offensive end (he does not want to be low post player) and guess what–the ball is in the frontcourt and in the hands of a playmaker.

        now who is going to defend robinson (6’10) and wesley (6’9) and withy (7′) from KU?

        or diaz (6’10) enriquez (6’11) from k.state?

        or jones III-miller-jones-jefferson at baylor?


        or do we just accept 2 losses from every big 12 team with a post player?

        like i said, 9th in the big 12, maybe.

        another short body is not going to change our inability to deal with post players or defensively rebound. and unless a bunch of the small guys are already planning to leave for lack of playing time, another short body will not help us offensively.

        • FreeMason10

          Again, I get your point but I can’t help but point out we don’t need anyone to defend Thomis Robinson, Perry Jones or Quincy Miller.

          • larry

            so you don’t think the incoming baylor “amatueur” post players will be as good or better than the outgoing? oh yea of little faith. (you may have noticed i did not list the outgoing baylor players height because i did not have accurate heights on incoming—i just saw the espn list and ratings)

            and i kind of think you really are missing 1/2 of my point–markel, smart and brown can walk the ball up as good as the new juco player–oh wait, we are an “uptempo” offense just looking for the right “man” on the trigger. LOL

            No defensive rebounds = no fast break + serious a** whippings.

            Jurick has a torn achilles, williams is going to prison, the Euro kid needs a redshirt year to concentrate totally on his body. This leaves cobbins (who was much more effective with Jurick than without. (am not ignoring kamari, think from watching youtube he will need a year like cobbins did just to help).

            Even if cobbins is now the second coming of desmond mason, he cannot play 40 minutes of every game.

            every other coach in the big 12 at least got 1 big body with 5 fouls to give. Everybody except Baylor had more than 1 big body on the bench last year eithr RS or playing mop up to learn. Baylor reloaded.

            we reloaded with midgets. and supplemented with a midget.

  • Chance

    Enjoy your time in Colorado. After spending some summer days in CO you may not want to leave.