Daily Bullets

Really cool story on the recovery and future of Chris Tidland. (O’Colly)

Is Slater running the Oklahoman now and we just don’t know it yet? (NewsOK)

German moves on, Young does not. (okstate.com)

Weeeeeeeee! (Tulsa World)

You know who won the draft last night? Le’Bryan Nash in not coming out after Quincy Miller free fell to Denver at #38. (Big 12 Sports)

Bo Van Pelt is leading the AT&T National. (PGA Tour)

Anybody think TCU has a better backfield than OSU? (Yahoo!)

Eight for Omaha in 2013. OSU isn’t on there, but most of the teams we snagged assistants from are. (Baseball America)

OSU’s recruiting class is improving, but why is Baylor all of a sudden this athlete-plucking powerhouse? (ESPN)

Re: playoffs, this is good. (Smart Football)

Is this bad?

  • JET

    OMG stop getting arrested athletes. why is this a hard?????

  • Capt Morgan

    What’s the Nationwide Tour? 😉

  • Mark

    No. Nobody thinks TCU has a better backfield than OSU. Except for the guy who wrote that article.

  • Steve

    We better call Nike and tell them we will need stripes on our uniforms this year… or our traveling gear can just be orange jump suits.

  • Josh

    I’ve been wondering about Baylor for a long time. How did their recruiting in practically all sports drastically improve with no upgrade in facilities or really anything at all.. and it has not been a gradual improvement it has been very sudden. I’m not saying its another “Pony Excess” situation, but it could be.

    • KNelson

      There are two possible reasons:

      1. They are a Baptist school and the Lord has granted them this prosperity for their devotion and faith.

      2. There are a lot of Baylor alums who have a lot of money. Perhaps that money is being used in a less than ethical way.

      I support reason #2.

  • Colin

    Does Ms. Vicent’s tweet further prove that we are well on our way to being a top-tier program?

    • Mark

      Yes, that’s exactly what that means LOL