Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

11 out of 12. (okstate.com)

Oklahoma State is already running away with the Rivals Cup. (Rivals Cup)

So the Browns were going to take Kendall Wright instead? (Plain Dealer)

As Amilian pointed out, pretty cool to see OSU on this list. (Rivals)

Athlon has OSU #19 in its preseason poll. Whatever. (Athlon Sports)

Heaney named national pitcher of the week. (Big 12 Sports)

Uhh… (Dynasty Football League)

OSU spring wrap from Ubbs. Does he ever sleep? (ESPN)

Just think of all the paddles the paddle people can buy with this money! (CBS Sports)

I don’t know why I liked this post but I did. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State visiting the #42 player in the country yesterday. (ESPN Insider)

I was thinking about this today: I’m just excited Weeden’s getting a shot with somebody, even if he fails, at least he wasn’t drafted by, like, the Pats in the 3rd round so he could mousse Tommy Tom’s hair the rest of his career. (Sports Illustrated)

Okay, this is funny. (Google Pics)

This won’t be up for very long, but it’s pretty cool.

There is not a shortage of dreadlocked speedsters for Weeden to toss to in Cleveland, here are a pair of videos of his newest target…(he runs the fastest looking 40 I’ve ever seen)

  • I love how awkward Russillo looks in that picture, it’s just gold.

  • Geoff

    I think you missed the Kendall Hunter/James/Gore/Jacobs/Dixon fiasco at the end of the SI article. I’m more concerned about Hunter’s future at San Fran than if Weeden has a chance against the noodle arm.

  • Jeff

    I heard Mike Holmgren on Mike & Mike this morning. His quote was that they were trying to “have their cake and eat it too”. He thought that if they could get Kendall Wright at pick #22 there were planning on taking Weeden with #37 OR even trading up higher to get BW3. It had more to do with the fact that BW3 didn’t fit that many teams plans/pick profiles. So, they wanted it all RB/WR/QB.

  • Pokey V.

    He looked like Prentis(s)? on that punt return.