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Must read of the day on Weeden. Spectacular piece. (Sports Illustrated)

If you’re a fan of intellect and OSU and football, read this. (Grantland)

This is just an embarrassing piece of journalism. OSU in Tulsa County?! (Sun-Times)

They’re all better than they were last year, thank goodness. (NewsOK)

Gosh, this is going to be worse than we thought. (Tulsa World)

The simplest posts are the best posts. (NewsOK)

Where does OSU go from here? (O’Colly)

Can I be honest with you guys? I don’t know how I feel about this. (NewsOK)

Sports Illustrated is not a fan of us this year. (Sports Illustrated)

Neither is Herbs. (ESPN)

Any bets that Calvin Barnett is on this list by the end of the year? (ESPN)

I love it when Monken talks about college girls. (NewsOK)

Who will be the Big 12s biggest disappointment. (ESPN)

Last pic here is pretty cool. (CBS Sports)

  • OSUaggie

    Three observations:

    1) Herbie isn’t a real fan of the B12 either; apparently didn’t appreciate how funny we thought the earthquake video was last year….

    2) SI is clueless…only 4 conference wins? really? I really hope UT is reading that thinking they’ve got an easy beat down on their schedule in Stillwater.

    3) It’s a great relief that I was a child of the 60’s where getting your hands in a girls pants wasn’t called “rape by instrumentation”….it was called “getting to 2nd base”…..I’m not a fan of indulging athletes, but this prosecution and conviction does look way over the top.

    • Great points. On #3, I agree completely about the conviction, but I’m with Kyle in my ambivalence. Responsible minds need to prevail. These kinds of things can do way more harm than good if someone doesn’t keep their hands around it.

    • On your #3: Not saying he’s guilty or innocent, but if it did happen, you can’t compare it to “getting to 2nd base”.

      • OSUaggie

        Didn’t mean to leave that impression, if it’s not consensual then it’s felony battery in it’s most minimal legal definition and without doubt over the line. I was just really surprised that it was called rape by instrumentation; that has a different mental image for most people usually involving some object.