Daily Bullets

The Rosenblatt video is killing me. I posted it below, if you’ve ever been to the CWS, love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Good stuff here from Berry on Joe Randle’s place in the O-State record books. (NewsOK)

Is this the year Ford hires Harry Potter and Hermione Granger to stand behind the bench and defend his team from the dark arts? (O’Colly)

Good thoughts here from Gina on some co-starters. (NewsOK)

This is a pretty crappy TV lineup but that’s what you get when you schedule crappy teams. (okstate.com)

Interesting…I disagree (obvi), but interesting. (ESPN)

Salty headline here, and good story. (Tulsa World)

This is hilarious and weird, but good. (NewsOK)

Most intriguing players of 2012, a Wes Lunt cameo. (Yahoo!)

We’re a top 10 Heisman school in the 2010s? (CBS Sports)

Heh, Monken likes Ike. (NewsOK)

This is just all kinds of awesome. (ESPN Playbook)

8-4 is fair. I keep going back and forth between 9-3 and 8-4. (ESPN)

I have no idea who reads this stuff. (Big 12 Sports)

The grammar freak in me wants to know if it’s a typo or if Berry really doesn’t know that a line for waiting is a “queue” not a “que.” (NewsOK)

Well the first video on here is awesome. (Twitvid)

Haunting photo and video. (Omaha Herald)

This is for my other project, pretty cool interview with Jack McCallum (author of the Dream Team book). (Sports Reads)

  • Geoff

    Now this is off subject but have you noticed that the “Official Cowboy Football Blog” is call The Huddle? I only check there periodically for the videos but it seems to me that maybe they don’t know that the Cowboys have been running the No-huddle for some time now… Isn’t calling the OSU Football blog site “the Huddle” about like calling the site as irrelevant as the “Huddle” to the OSU offense? Just an observation…

  • anyone else find it ironic/awesome that the therapist’s name is “Wacker”?

    • Kyle Porter

      I mowed her lawn in college. Seriously.

  • Victor

    Kyle, “Obvi?”

    “Come on Man!”

    You’re better than that

    • Mark

      Can anyone tell me why ubbens blogs are always riddled with comments calling him an OU homer, or a TX homer, or a whatever homer? Seems like the dude gets a lot of criticism and I can’t really see the reason why. I haven’t had a problem with anything he’s written. I think he gives OSU as much respect as the next team.

      • Kyle Porter

        He does do a good job, people are irrational.

    • Haha! Yeah…I was kind of thinking the same thing.

    • Kyle Porter

      I’m actually not.

  • shaun

    eh, it took Ubbs a little while to start respecting OSU. Let’s face it though, us pokes fans would find a way to gripe even if Herbstreit declared us national champions. It’s in our orange blood i think.

  • shaun


    there are a couple new videos up and Blackmon’s receptions from the weekend being posted soon