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Welp. Also, if Williams was misidentified, why hasn’t he said who the culprit was? (Sun-Times)

$30,000 for new helmets, no biggie. (Tulsa World)

This is strong. (O’Colly)

Very cool post on Peyton Manning and Luke Del Rio. (Denver Post) (via Brian Jones)

Gosh this sucks. (Tulsa World)

I love the word “hardscrabble.” (WRNL)

Rough summer for O-State hoops, says Berry T. (NewsOK)

Interesting new method of controlling Dez. (ESPN)

Wow, the new girl covering OU thinks Lunt is going to have 36 TDs and 3 picks. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls. 5-0. (

Jonathan Rush is excited to be back for his sixth year. (Tulsa World)

RG….2? (NewsOK)


Wow, not sure how Gerald Green made this but it’s amazing. (via Cole Grinell)

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