Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

How do we feel about the new OSU Nike gear? I’m pretty “meh” on it. (okstate.com)

Good stat here. (NewsOK)

OSU with the second best stadium in the Big 12? (USA Today)

It seems that throwing wolves to kids is quite an odd concept. (Scout)

I might have to re-think my decision to not go to the Texas game. (ESPN)

When people call me Daytawion it kind of shocks me. (Tulsa World)

Excellent breakdown of our LBs by Gina here. (NewsOK)

Looks like big game James is headed to Hotlanta. Hope that goes better than San Antonio. (Spurs Nation)

Is it? Maybe… (ESPN)

The uniform creator this year has four helmets. (okstate.com)

How about this? For the first time since 1977, the Cowboys enter a season defending a conference title. (Tulsa World)

Dawgs by Nature predicts Josh Cooper will be cut. The hell do you need four tight ends for?? (Dawgs by Nature)

Which three of these are not like the other ones… (Rivals)

Pokes #21 in Sports on Earth poll. Also, follow that site, it’s really good. (Sports on Earth)

Your daily adrenaline video…how long ago does this feel like?

  • Nate

    The new “Live Orange” shirts are horrible. And unfortunately, we’ll be seeing a ton of them.

  • Guest

    I’d be more inclined to believe the stadium ranking if the Paddle People were mentioned. I think we sometimes take for granted how unique and cool they are.

  • Mark

    …quickly scans page one of the Nike apparel, doesn’t see any “NACHO VICTORY” shirts… Breathes sigh of relief….Nope! I’m totally good with the new stuff

    • Ben

      I completely forgot about Garth riding Bullet at the end of the 2006 Intro Video.

  • @okc_dave

    Going a little further on Helsley’s pass protection write-up, here is how OSU stacks up in terms of sacks / passing plays since 2008.

    Sacks / Passing Plays, 2008-2011
    NCAA average: 5.8%
    OSU in 2008: 4.7% (39th)
    OSU in 2009: 3.4% (13th)
    OSU in 2010: 1.8% (2nd)
    OSU in 2011: 2.0% (6th)

    Over the last three years, the only BCS schools with top 15 finishes in each year are OSU and Stanford.

  • Lance Smith

    I probably wouldn’t have a problem with Ubben, but he presents his suppositions as fact and he speaks in absolutes. Drives me nuts. Texas MIGHT have the best D this year, it is not set in stone. Probably wouldn’t bother me as much also if he knew ANYTHING about football

    • AWC

      I agree with Lance. Ubbs is totally in love with the burnt orange this year. We will see how they pan out this year. Sept 29 is a big day for both us and ut.

    • Upgrayedd

      I think some of the new Nike stuff is pretty good. Definitely much better than some of the affliction looking crap I’ve seen around Stillwater

  • Jadecy


    Can we see more Q&A’s with the opposing teams bloggers / school writers…I always enjoy reading the articles or interviews done with them to get the other perspective on the upcoming game. I enjoy articles written from “our” fan base, but it’s more compelling to hear why “they” think they will win the game.

    Keep up the good work

    • Kyle Porter

      Yes, you will.

    • Jeff

      Vid has been disabled for some {stupid?} reason. Regarding Gina… hasn’t she turned out to be a great beat writer? I remember a lot of whining when she was announced. Truly enjoy her articles…..

  • Pokelahoma

    What’s amazing is how far the intro videos have fallen off since 06. Back in the Saddle should be the song every year

  • The 4th helmet is from ZMFR’s last season when we dawned the black jersey isn’t it?

  • Jeff

    Ask the Jets if they are glad they have 4 TEs ha!

    • Stephanie

      I LOVED that video. It really surprises me how they’re so much worse with Nike..Back in the Saddle always reminds me of that Cowboys 4Ever Downfall on YouTube.

  • grace

    I’m personally in love with Pete’s face in Oklahoma. As to opening videos—now that I live in Nebraska and see all of their videos I think OSU needs to step it up. UNL does a great job of entertaining/informing the football goers during the game.

  • Are we pumped about this upcoming season?……To the bone! (sounds cheesy no matter how you say it) good video though.

  • Trevin

    wasnt 06 the year Perrish ran the opening kick off back in week one, the first time he touched the ball in college? good stuff, thank God we dont have to see that video every week anymore though