Daily Bullets

Arizona runs a 3-3-5 defense. This is a great read on the 3-3-5 defense. (Grantland)

Pretty funny photoshop here. (Fake ESPN) (via @shook_knight)

Great stuff here from Gary Parrish with Travis Ford. Biggest takeaway: Brian Williams at the four?! (CBS Sports)

Solid scouting report of Arizona here by James Poling. (O’Colly)

Haha “radical thought: OSU and Tulsa should play every year.” (Tulsa World)

The three biggest snubs from the Ryder Cup team were all from OSU. (Devil Ball Golf)

OSU moves up in Ubben’s power rankings. (ESPN)

This is some all-time Mike Gundy meandering. I mean all-time. (NewsOK)

Some crazy stats from week 1 of the Big 12. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU is ranked first in whatever this poll is. (NCAA.com)

Rashaun Woods is getting into broadcasting. Some pretty good/funny stuff in here. (Z Preps)

Brendon Morris going off on the athletic department for not making more tickets available. (O’Colly)

Gundy to provide NFL-esque injury updates on Thursdays. I hope they’re Belichickian in nature. (NewsOK)

Ra’Shaad Samples doing work. (Houston Chronicle)

Strong ideas from Berry Tramel following up a not-well-planned-out Jenni Carlson article. (NewsOK)

I like Isaiah Anderson, seems like a cool dude. (Scout)

Weeden goes high in the bad QB league. (Grantland)

Wow, Joe Schad has OSU #5 in his power rankings. (ESPN Insider)

Uh-oh, Norman! (NewsOK)

Josh Kendall, who has Travis Haney’s old job of covering South Carolina football, ranked OSU #6 this week. (Poll Speak)

Smart read here from Berry on Arizona’s new look offense. (NewsOK)

Pretty sure Slater already wrote this three days ago but still a cool story. (NewsOK)

Good stuff here on how much OSU is missing Bill Young. (O’Colly)

Pokes bumped three slots in the coaches poll for…really…no apparent reason. (CBS Sports)

Good reading on Arizona for this weekend. (Arizona Desert Swarm)

I’m a big fan of these. You should go if you’re in town. (TED)

  • OSUaggie

    I suspect one reason for the Coach’s poll bump could be the bench depth. While most of us would just as soon not relive that again (unless, of course, it’s hanging 84 on sooner nation), our starters on offense didn’t see 7 minutes of playing time. Contrast this to the other B12 teams with quite a few of their starters still in the game late into the 3rd if not 4th quarter (Geno was still in at QB late in the 3rd quarter with his starting receivers with a 30+ point lead)…..Makes for some interesting comparisons. Of course, this assumes the people voting in polls actual pay attention to the details and that’s a pretty big assumption….

  • Guest

    Very very happy to see that Rashaun is doing well. The Woods brothers were a huge part of the bridge from an average program to a program that won the conference and a BCS game. I’d like to see OSU retire the number 3 for the 3 brothers. Anyone with me?

    • Kyle Porter

      How about retiring Barry’s number first?

    • Cowboy-KS

      0 is still 0
      84 is still 84
      Hard to find any fault and lots of teams looked like horrible against not much better competition.

  • Guest

    Barry Sanders? http://www.okstate.com/trads/hall-of-honor.html . Barry, Thurman Thomas, and Terry Miller have been retired.

    • Kyle Porter

      Welp, there you go.

  • Nate

    Ummm the Brendon Morris kid… I don’t know if he’s just trying to get attention or if it’s his time of the month, but that was idiotic

    • Cooper4391

      Agreed, if the opening game against the doormat of I-AA football was the 7th largest crowd in stadium history, imagine what the crowds at the Texas, WV, and TCU games will be. (and the revenge game vs ISU should be a big crowd puller) I wasn’t at the game because it was Sav. St. and we went on our annual fishing trip. Had it been even ULL I would’ve been there. This year will set TBP stadium records left and right.

      • What @Nate and @Cooper4391 said. Idiotic piece by Brendon Morris.

    • @okc_dave

      Totally agree. That column belongs in a high school newspaper.

  • Can’t say I blame Gundy too much. As you said, the system doesn’t strongly discourage easy non-con scheduling. But he could have avoided the rainbow/pot-of-gold analogy. that’s just silly.

  • Ryder

    Did Schad really put us fifth and then only rank the top 24? I like the love, but either he is trying to make some sort of statement, or the ol’ West Nile has made its way to Connecticut.

  • dpcrow

    Rashaun went to my old high school for his first broadcast. Wish he would have gone when I was playing.

  • Pup Rogers

    do you know what channels if any we will be able to see the OSU vs Arizona game on. Thank you

  • Patty B

    hey, Kyle — I’m back!! Still love your blog, just seems football holds my interest more than anything else.

    About Bill Young’s absence: Our neighbor’s son is an OSU freshman this year (living @home). After arriving home from class one day, he saw my DH in the yard and when they began discussing Young’s absence, the knowledgeable freshman said he knew why Young was MIA. According to him, “Apparently, it takes some time to recuperate from giving birth to a great defense.” (I think this was the joke circulating around campus — he eventually confessed that he didn’t make that one up).