Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

I like the U.S. Open comparison here. (NewsOK)

I agree with this, OSU playing Savannah State hurt its chances against Arizona. (O’Colly)

Berry ranks OSU #9 in the Big 12 so far. (NewsOK)

Gundy didn’t sleep last night. (Scout)

OSU is mortal, yes, but I disagree with people who think Lunt was just average. (ESPN)

This headline is kind of funny in retrospect. (NewsOK)

Ubben has OSU as the 7th best team in the Big 12 right now. Hard to argue. (ESPN)

Louisiana game notes. (okstate.com)

Agree with Berry on the offensive line grade. I thought they were excellent in the second half. (NewsOK)

At least soccer is still rolling? (O’Colly)

BVP finishes 10th in the middle of a loaded leaderboard, makes $208,000. (ESPN)

OSU ranked 27 in the Coaches poll (???) and 36 in the AP. (ESPN)

I like #10 – receiver-induced interceptions. That’s a good idea. (CRFF)

I really like this idea, it provides some necessary context. (Scout)

Bad weekend if you’re a Cowboy. (The Big Lead)

This makes Slater look smart. (NewsOK)

At what point does the Bill Young thing start becoming kind of weird? (NewsOK)

Good article here on Blake Jackson [tries to not make a joke about his performance on Saturday]. (Tulsa World)

Alex Elkins “ain’t too worried about it.” (NewsOK)

This is a pretty lazy column. (Tulsa World)

Good one by Berry here, how about all 15 penalties being of the major violation variety? Also Justin Gilbert with an…um…interesting quote. (NewsOK)

Good roundup of Big 12 games here. At least we didn’t lose to Rice? (Big 12 Sports)

Good stuff from the Browns coach on Weeden here. (Dawgs By Nature)

This kid’s a stud.

At least we got some giggles out of the weekend…


  • Daren

    I still like our chances to do something good with this season. I watched the gams Saturday to see how Lunt played… OMG! That kid is a baller and will only make this team better as he matures. He got NO help from his receivers. The defense has to play better against spread teams or OU, WVU and KSU will kill us.

  • OSUaggie

    Early in the season wake-up call for the D; hopefully it got their attention. I think the disruption to our rhythm created by the officiating was a bigger hit then the actual penalty yardage, but it does seem darn curious that every single call against OSU was a “major” penalty and AZ only had 5 little 5 yarders. We had zero illegal procedure, off-sides or illegal motion calls. Curious. I agree with Daren; if Lunt had gotten a little more help from his receivers he would have had a superlative game, I think he’s the real deal.

    I too think the SSA game was part of the problem; we’ve got to resolve that issue next year.

  • Kevin

    I agree that the SSA game was a bad deal. We could have benefited greatly from a bye week more than that game. The defense played soft, that must change.

    Lunt gave us something to keep our heads up. RBs were good but not dominant. the Oline was good. The receivers did okay, but had huge mistakes that kept us from staying in it. The secondary…were they at the game?, linebackers caught off guard, too many assignments too much thinking = average play, D-line was okay, need more production from them

    but what takes the award for worst performance was the coaching… The poor body language, players coming out flat, thats on Gundy. Also, what , if any, corrections or adjustments were made by Spencer…it was painful to watch how easily they ran the same thing over and over and over with success

  • Kevin

    One last thing, did anyone else see that the AZ QB was like climbing onto and hangin on Barnett as he was trying to get up when he got that personal foul? Wtf was that!? I haven’t seen anyone address that, but it was pretty obvious. I thought the second flag was going on their QB. Either way though, tough break for Barnett…other than those penalties, dude looks like he will make plays. I like him.

    • Mark

      Yeah, I called that out on my long post on the original “Ten Thoughts on the AZ game.” The QB should have been flagged for a personal foul too.