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Remember 9/11 today.

The only thing that’s terrible is this column. (O’Colly)

Oh, and our athletic department tweeting about it…

Some cool stories from Boone here. (Forbes)

Good Browns blog post on the week 1 debacle. (Dawgs by Nature)

Quotes from yesterday’s presser. Gundy makes Louisiana sound like Nebraska in the mid-90s. (

Week 3 should be re-named Weak 3. (ESPN)

A little bit roundabout in getting to his points but the points themselves are actually really good. (CRFF)

How does this team always have a sick cornerback? (O’Colly)

A lot in the notebook, but I think Monken taking the blame for Lunt’s pick six is the most interesting thing. (NewsOK)

Terrel Harris re-signs with the Heat. (Sun-Sentinel)

What is this…the Big 10? (Yahoo!)

More on Calvin Barnett and Mike Gundy. (NewsOK)

We’re not worried about the Louisiana game, are we? (Tulsa World)

Good on Bill Young for getting back and being fine. Hilarious though that he couldn’t even watch the Arizona game, right? (NewsOK)

Accentuating the positives. Might as well. (CRFF)

Call me crazy but wouldn’t you be better off from a legal standpoint by “threatening to punch a man then killing his vehicle” instead of the other way around?

OSU penalty yards earn a Matt Hinton demerit. (CBS Sports)

This is a little old but two of Andy Staples’ top five all-time rants are OSU-related. (Sports Illustrated)

Gundy with a jewel at the end of this one. (NewsOK)

If you’re into the election (and I am) this is a great blog and this post specifically is pretty interesting. (538 Blog)

New iPhone tomorrow, I like. (macrumors)

Two stats you might be interested in: OSU is 22-2 when Joe Randle doesn’t fumble and 2-2 when he does. OSU has forced two turnovers, this time last year…just three (via @davidubben).

This seems fitting on 9/11 for some reason…

And my favorite all-time 9/11 video…

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