Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Remember 9/11 today.

The only thing that’s terrible is this column. (O’Colly)

Oh, and our athletic department tweeting about it…

Some cool stories from Boone here. (Forbes)

Good Browns blog post on the week 1 debacle. (Dawgs by Nature)

Quotes from yesterday’s presser. Gundy makes Louisiana sound like Nebraska in the mid-90s. (okstate.com)

Week 3 should be re-named Weak 3. (ESPN)

A little bit roundabout in getting to his points but the points themselves are actually really good. (CRFF)

How does this team always have a sick cornerback? (O’Colly)

A lot in the notebook, but I think Monken taking the blame for Lunt’s pick six is the most interesting thing. (NewsOK)

Terrel Harris re-signs with the Heat. (Sun-Sentinel)

What is this…the Big 10? (Yahoo!)

More on Calvin Barnett and Mike Gundy. (NewsOK)

We’re not worried about the Louisiana game, are we? (Tulsa World)

Good on Bill Young for getting back and being fine. Hilarious though that he couldn’t even watch the Arizona game, right? (NewsOK)

Accentuating the positives. Might as well. (CRFF)

Call me crazy but wouldn’t you be better off from a legal standpoint by “threatening to punch a man then killing his vehicle” instead of the other way around?

OSU penalty yards earn a Matt Hinton demerit. (CBS Sports)

This is a little old but two of Andy Staples’ top five all-time rants are OSU-related. (Sports Illustrated)

Gundy with a jewel at the end of this one. (NewsOK)

If you’re into the election (and I am) this is a great blog and this post specifically is pretty interesting. (538 Blog)

New iPhone tomorrow, I like. (macrumors)

Two stats you might be interested in: OSU is 22-2 when Joe Randle doesn’t fumble and 2-2 when he does. OSU has forced two turnovers, this time last year…just three (via @davidubben).

This seems fitting on 9/11 for some reason…

And my favorite all-time 9/11 video…

  • OSUaggie

    We should be seriously concerned about ULL; they are a pretty dang good football team and after the AZ loss and OSU invincibility taken down a notch, they are going to show up with their ears laid back….on the other hand, the AZ loss may have been the best thing that could have happened to OSU for the ULL game; I don’t think we’ll be complacent now and we should get a nice look at how good Gundy and company are with the psychology of football players….

  • JeffB

    Couldn’t one say that 3 of the 5 SI favorite rants were OSU-related since Leach was also ranting after the game with OSU?

    It might be a bit of a stretch but, what the heck, 4 of the 5 has SOME relation to OSU since we old-timers remember when Houston was an OSU QB.

  • Madsenpoke

    The comments on the “bad refs” article are embarrassing for OSU fans, evidently AZ fans/students found this article. Shame on Larry Reece for retweeting that trash.

    • AWC

      I don’t mind the article. He is just saying what many of us were feeling as we watched the game. The refs didn’t lose the game, but they contributed. It was not well officiated.

  • R00st3rPokes

    While I don’t agree with all the calls on Saturday night that article is pure trash. It makes us sounds like a bunch of crybabies. Simply put, we were outplayed and outcoached. A good team that is well coached and well disciplined doesn’t have to “beat the refs.” The guy that wrote that article obviously never played a team sport in his life. I’m saddened that the O’Colly even allowed that crap to go to print.

  • Since it’s not a common name, I’m guessing Shawn Hochuli could be related to Ed Hochuli, who had a key bad call that gave the Broncos a win in one of their games.

    I admire Monken for taking the heat for a bad call, I just hope he doesn’t coddle Lunt or anything.

  • I certainly don’t condone the article as it screams sour grapes, but I do believe the ref had a vendetta after the call was challenged. I have also heard that this isn’t the first time this crew has done this. One fan reported that he sat near a group of AZ fans and one said to him ‘uh oh, you are screwed now. This crew doesn’t like to get shown up’ or something to that effect. I take that with a grain of salt, but again I do believe that half of the calls against us were completely BS.

    • OSUaggie

      Lance, you’re on target. There has been some controversy toward the end of the season last year and into the new season around the PAC-12 officiating, and most of it is generated by PAC-12 fans themselves. (Shawn Hochuli is Ed’s son and his officiating team appear to be near the center of the storm about the officiating last year). HOWEVER, sometimes you get homered and you just can NOT blame the officiating for a loss. Sloppy defense and dropped passes were a much bigger contributor to the loss than the officiating…..

      • OSUaggie

        Some additional evidence of PAC-12 officiating problem:

        A Salt Lake City news article after BYU-UW game: “…Leach’s Air Raid attack, albeit newly installed with a senior quarterback, didn’t get in the end zone — even with a Pac-12 officiating crew doing some serious nylon whipping of Mendenhall’s defense (10 penalties for 112 yards).”….

        Trojan News 4 weeks ago: “….His open gripe with the Pac-12 officiating last season after the Stanford game over what he believe cost the Trojans a chance to win in regulation…”

        Oregon Beavers game recap: “….Things went well for the Beavs this weekend against the Badgers, who came into town ranked No. 13. But one thing Riley did not appear all that thrilled with was the (PAC-12) officiating”….

        • G-Block

          The refs WERE bad. Of course, the bad/ blown/ missed calls contributed to a couple of handfuls of aborted drives or sustaining AZ drives, but the real culprit behind the loss were the dropped passes and missed defensive assignments. However, PAC-12 officiating does have a long history of poor quality (and only those that happened last weekend were documented by OSUaggie) and they should be reported when its that egregious.

  • Cowboy-KS

    Kyle – Someone had to chronicle the PAC 12 officiating. While I never like to “blame it on the ref’s”, the game was surrealistically lopsided against a usually clean OState squad. Was it [email protected] blatant throwing of the game – no. Was it horrible officiating at the least – yes.
    Coincidentally, it just happened to be the inaugural launch season of the PAC Network. Someone once said, “Follow the money.”

    Thanks to the Brenden Morris and the O’Colly for printing the article.

  • Reed

    I hate it when people blame the refs, but the fact is there’s a big problem with PAC 12 officiating. Not just in our game, it’s a constant in that conference. Add onto that that they’re the only conference that uses their own, clearly awful and biased officials for OOC games, you can’t just let that go. If everybody just looks the other way and refuses to acknowledge it, it will continue unchecked indefinitely. Obviously a whiny-sounding article in a student newspaper isn’t going to fix anything, but I think it needs as much press as possible.

  • Serious chills on the Dubya video. USA.

    • Kyle Porter

      You serve/served in the army, correct?

  • Nate

    This Brendon Morris dip sh** needs to be canned asap. What a freaking joke.

  • danofict

    Anyone else concerned with this comment from Shawn Lewis:
    On what the team leaders are doing to get the team past Arizona:
    “I didn’t have to say anything. The coaches said everything…”

    There are questions about who is going to lead this team. Letting the coaches do all the talking doesn’t seem to indicate anyone is stepping up.

    • Kyle Porter

      Lewis is a pretty quiet dude but yeah, I think that’s a concern in general.

  • I do accept that I am a “roundabout” kinda guy…they don’t call me “have a chat” for nothing…

  • Trevin

    what the hell Morris? you’re better than that dude, that is weak stuff, i lost a little respect for Larry Reece too for retweeting that bs

  • Ost8Man

    Hmmm… I’e gotta say the officiating was pretty lopsided but a lot of that was because the Cowboys lost their composure. All the late hit flags seemed pretty warranted to me. I think Brendon missed the mark with this and it seems really whiney but it’s not entirely innapropriate to look at the Pac-12 officiating. Turnovers, dropped passes and poor tackling had way more to do with the loss that the refs but the officiating did suck some of the wind out of our sails early.

  • Blake Jackson dropped a ball in the end zone: 7 points
    Isaiah Anderson dropped a ball after beating defense deep: 7 points
    Wes Lunt threw a pick 6: 7 points
    Randle fumbled on our own 30 yard line: 3 points
    Ball went through Stewart’s hands at Arizona 35 yard line, returned to OSU 33 yard line: 7 points

    There’s a 31 point swing that doesn’t take factor in lost scoring opportunities on the turnovers (not mentioned above was the pick when Tracy Moore fell down – we were 2nd and 5 from the 29).

    How about the penalties that actually were penalties? And that Arizona TD where the receiver was “clearly out of bounds”…he must have seen a replay I didn’t. After the replays, I thought it was 6.

    You aren’t going to win road games dropping critical passes and turning the ball over 4 times. That’s what screwed us.