Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

It feels like bye weeks last 14 days.

Slater doin’ work as usual. (NewsOK)

And here are the leftover quotes. The Dez stuff is awesome and if Darius is 3/4 Gilbert then I have my new fave for the next four years… (NewsOK)

This is a little old but chalk one up for the bloggers. (The Lost Ogle)

OSU baseball practices and scrimmages open to the public this fall. (okstate.com)

Sell is right on Arizona. (CBS Sports)

Oh Dana. (Twitter)

I’m pretty pumped for OU-KSU on Saturday night. (ESPN)

“Off to the races” as much as the 200M final in London was a “race.” (NewsOK)

James Poling asks Justin Gilbert the whitest question of all time. Aso, that photo is uniform Heisman forever. (O’Colly)

Monken with more gold here on Walsh screwing up. Everything Monken says right now is gold. (Sports Illustrated)

The Louisiana game received the lowest TV rating since Tulsa last year. (NewsOK)

Why does Gundy not shut down any talk of QB controversy here at the end? (O’Colly)

PLEASE watch this. via Cole Grinnell (Vimeo)

Eskimo Joe’s on a top list of college football bars. (via Darren Scroggins) (The Daily Meal)

Basketball team hosts Special Olympics camp[1. You have no idea how difficult it was for me to refrain from making an OSU basketball joke here]. (okstate.com)

I think I’ve linked to them before but this is pretty cool. (Stadium Journey)

Pretty strong Twitter follow list here. (Sports Illustrated)

Thank God for that bye week! (NewsOK)

If you tailgate go sign this guestbook and let these guys know where the best spots are. (Campus Crashers)

I would hope that’s the worst game Weeden ever plays as a professional. (ESPN Insider)

This girl is pretty excited about doing the Cowboy roundup…

As I was watching that all I could think about was how badly we’re trying to be (and succeeding in being) Oregon.

Three movies in three days? Sure…

  • Lance Smith

    That A&M video came out this summer, FYI.
    I’m partial to this version.

  • Nate

    Yeah, you’re a little late to the party on that video, Kyle

  • RyanO

    That Denzel movie looks awesome.

  • Stan Clark

    Always think it’s funny how outsiders view Joes. Joes is for Thursday nights only. And Murphy’s is go-to bar in this college bar.

    • Nate

      Try again.

    • Kyle Porter

      Agreed, glad you’re reading (and sending business elsewhere), Stan.

  • Upgrayedd

    Denzel Washington is awesome. Somebody should make a rap song about him… or maybe they already did

    • scott

      i’m literally crying after watching that. not sure which is funnier, the video or the 2nd comment “Money Maker Mike is a champ at pocket pool”