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Excited about th…[checks to see if he gets CBS Sports Network…does not]…crap! (NewsOK)

QB injuries don’t happen very often in Stillwater. (Tulsa World)

Good story here. Love this quote: It’s hard to see that little joker back there, too.(NewsOK)

Loved this post on OSU QB controversies. The Donovan/Pena one slayed me. (CRFF)

Gundy flew to see LDR yesterday. (Scout)

How are OSU’s odds still 100/1? How about Bama at 2/1?! (CBS Sports)

Welp, they don’t need to worry about #1. (Horns Nation)

Bo Van Pelt is one back at the Tour Championship. (PGA Tour)

Multiple OSU teams defending titles this fall. (

Bill Young says OSU isn’t working hard enough to get turnovers. Okk… (NewsOK)

Interesting article on QB ratings to complement my post from yesterday. (Wall Street Journal)

[tries to not make a joke about this.] (

Some smart people are projecting five FBS wins for OSU. Uh oh… (Football Outsiders)

We’re all just worried ’bout ourselves! (NewsOK)

I don’t love this. (NewsOK)

This destroyed me, the Phillip Rivers and Joe Flacco ones were unbelievable. (Buzzfeed)

Hope you’re right, Fran

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