Daily Bullets

Excited about th…[checks to see if he gets CBS Sports Network…does not]…crap! (NewsOK)

QB injuries don’t happen very often in Stillwater. (Tulsa World)

Good story here. Love this quote: It’s hard to see that little joker back there, too.(NewsOK)

Loved this post on OSU QB controversies. The Donovan/Pena one slayed me. (CRFF)

Gundy flew to see LDR yesterday. (Scout)

How are OSU’s odds still 100/1? How about Bama at 2/1?! (CBS Sports)

Welp, they don’t need to worry about #1. (Horns Nation)

Bo Van Pelt is one back at the Tour Championship. (PGA Tour)

Multiple OSU teams defending titles this fall. (okstate.com)

Bill Young says OSU isn’t working hard enough to get turnovers. Okk… (NewsOK)

Interesting article on QB ratings to complement my post from yesterday. (Wall Street Journal)

[tries to not make a joke about this.] (okstate.com)

Some smart people are projecting five FBS wins for OSU. Uh oh… (Football Outsiders)

We’re all just worried ’bout ourselves! (NewsOK)

I don’t love this. (NewsOK)

This destroyed me, the Phillip Rivers and Joe Flacco ones were unbelievable. (Buzzfeed)

Hope you’re right, Fran

  • Nate

    Who in their right mind would ever pay 90 bucks to go to a coaching clinic hosted by Ford?

    I could teach them the same crap he teaches in my driveway and I’d only charge em $10 (it’s not even worth that much).

  • Mark

    Some thoughts: Depending on how we look against tx, I.e. Like the az game, or like last year’s tx game, will determine if that 5 win prediction looks smart or not. And I was truly LOL’ing at the qb- Muppet comparision. about halfway down the list they started stretching it, but Flaco thru Weeden was solid gold!