Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Pistols Firing is and will remain an immobilization device-free zone.

Who’s it gonna be? (NewsOK)

I think Gundy has brainwashed everyone to call the opposing team’s signal caller “the quarterback.” (okstate.com)

Interesting article here: Ra’Shaad Samples talks about choosing O-State over Texas. (Horns Nation)

Do people really think we’re wearing these uniforms on Saturday? If we do, I’ll start rooting for Tulsa. (Twitter)

Texas game notes. (okstate.com)

Kirk Bohls just trolling OU so hard. (Austin American-Statesman)

Quite a quote from QB1 at Texas at the bottom of this article. (Sports Illustrated)

Oh yeah, softball started. (okstate.com)

Gundy loves his system, I think we all do. (NewsOK)

Not sure I totally understand this but if Burns is steering the ship then I’m in. (OState.tv)

Art Briles really really likes Geno Smith. (Yahoo!)

So David Ash is the second (third) coming? (Daily Texan)

Good gosh, that line just keeps falling. We’re at Texas -3 at some places. It opened at OSU -5.5 like 36 hours ago. (Vegas Insider)

Good stuff here from Mack previewing Saturday. (NewsOK)

Justin Gilbert is not a David Ash fanboy. (NewsOK)

Gonna be an ol’ fashioned shootout come Saturday night. (Austin American-Statesman)

Mike McGraw seems pretty cool. (NewsOK)

I’m not really into this but some of you might be. via @ryancameron24 (ESPN)

Odds he’s here in 16 months? (NewsOK)

What a photo of Bill Snyder! (Burnt Orange Nation)

OSU is 4-6-2 as a home dog under Gundy. What about when the line swings 8 points in 24 hours? (CBS Sports)

Jimmie Tramel on where OSU goes to find recruits. (Tulsa World)

Over 20% of fans are predicting Texas in a blowout. (CBS Sports)

Speed kills. (CRFF)

How thoughtful, a Baylor fan sent this to me to use for Halloween. (Washington Post)

Thought this was a pretty amazing autocorrect:


These girls did this free hand?! (via @dontdieangry)

Screen Shot 2012-09-24 at 11.57.16 PM

Anyone else just fired up about the Ryder Cup? The Tiger fist pump at 3:40 is all time. The Payne Stewart double pump at 4:08 is all kinds of unintentional comedy.

And then there’s this…here’s what was going through my head at the time.

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  • @Arin5000

    Those uniforms are an awful joke. #uniwatch

  • scking

    We can’t be serious about considering to wear those crazy bad looking uniforms! Can we?

    Can we name another game in the last few years that has had a betting swing of 8.5 points in 2 days? That is crazy. I actually like that Vegas had us favored by 5.5 and everyone took Texas. I like our chances.

  • I’ve seen that same uniform template for about 100 different schools & combinations. Anyone can make up a uniform.

  • Mark

    Anybody else weirded out by Mack Brown probably knowing more OSU stats than than the entire pistols family combined? I mean, I’ve not known coaches to be that stat- savvy or even care, but the dude even knows how many tx players are on our roster. That’s just creepy.

    • G-Block

      …or Mack has Pistol envy.

  • The father of those two beautiful little artists must possess extremely superior genetics! I “hear” that was done for a contest at school. No word yet on whether or not they get jobbed by replacement judges but clearly, without even seeing the competition an unbiased observer would rule in their favor!

    Oh, and no way we wear those unis, but if we do, rest assured half the fans will find a way to justify them as amazing and the other half will react appropriately, ensuring an outbreak of nausea and vomiting throughout at least one quarter of football.

  • Jadecy

    CRFF reporting that uniforms are real, though slightly different than the pic. They can wear orange spandex for all I care, so long as we beat Texas wearing it.

    • R00st3rPokes

      What Jadecy said x1000