Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Where the only uniform news you can trust comes from PFB…

Funny, good look at the game this weekend. (Barking Carnival)

We’re about to find out what Texas is made of. (NewsOK)

This is spectacular. (OState.tv)

Where OSU ranks statistically this week. (NewsOK)

Stop. (CRFF)

Stop! (Dallas Morning News)

On a positive CRFF note, their new site is amazing. (CRFF)

Caleb Lavey interview. (Tulsa World)

This dude (whom OSU was recruiting for basketball) is turning into a circus. (ESPN Insider)

Browns fans are still bullish on Weeds. (Dawgs by Nature)

One of Texas’ running backs has been cleared to play Saturday. (Burnt Orange Nation)

TCU-LSU in Dallas? Sure. (Big 12 Sports)

Berry with some good points on how Texas’ defensive ends are affected by J.W. Walsh. (NewsOK)

Very cool news if you’re an EDSBS fan. (SB Nation)

Mack on playing in Stillwater and did these guys forget that Baylor is in the Big 12? (Austin American-Statesman)

David Ash has…um…an all time quote in this article. (Austin American-Statesman)

It’s always scary to hear the phrase “a big assist goes to Butch Pierre.” (Scout)

This fella works for the athletic department as a SID…

Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 9.41.28 PM

Well this is sobering.

I think I could listen to Monken talk about pretty much anything…

I’m a huge sucker for these cinematic videos…

How sweet does this look?

  • Hurley

    Why is the okstate.com CG in the Monken video dancing around? Is the cameraman physically holding a sticker in camera view that says okstate.com? So strange.

  • OSUaggie

    ok, technically, I don’t think EVERYBODY loves Ash just yet….

  • Cincinnati

    That O’Colly tweet (which has since been apologized for) really fired me up. There is the viewpoint that these students put out a publication and should be fair game for criticism. Fine. What makes me so mad is the low-blow cheap shot of the tweet. Calling the people that work on the paper river trash is bush league. It’s his right to say that on his personal tweet. And it’s my right to judge him as a complete piece of garbage.

  • @okc_dave

    People pay for the O’Colly?

    • Marlena

      It may say FREE but each student pays for it as part of the thousands of dollars in activity fees that are tacked onto tuition. Sad when the activity fees are almost the same amount as tuition.

  • 42 looks real tight.

  • The O’Colly tweet was wrong in the first place, but it’s bush league for the staff who have made this into a much bigger issue than it is. There was no reason for the screenshot to be sent out while standing on a soap box. If the issue was professionalism with the original tweet, then a screenshot was as childish as Saturday morning cartoons. The O’Colly is one of the greatest learning tools on campus and the learning experience includes more than just writing. Instead of wasting time slinging mud, focus on continuing to learn and improve.

  • jpokes

    I’m sorry, but Gundy has got to work on his pregame speeches… it sounded like he was trying to pump up the hot dog vendors at the stadium instead of the team. I know you can’t pull out the win-one-for-the-gipper every week, but man…”I wanna run on the field, I wanna run off the field, I wanna run at the change of the quarters…” Extremely underwhelming…

    • I’ve always been suspect of people with low intensity. Gundy’s varies between a 2 and a 3 out of 10. The only time i can remember it being any higher was ‘the rant’, and that was maybe a 6?

      Along with Gundy, Wes Lunt and a lot of other QB’s seem to have this sort of temperament – always even keel. I’ve never understood how they do it, but they keep their emotions out of these situations which keeps their head ‘in’ the game. It’s a skill i wish i possessed.

  • Geoff

    The O’colly is a student newspaper. It’s created and printed to allow students to learn and apply the skills they are LEARNING. Of course it’s going to be weak, rough and at times absolutely ridiculous. That’s the nature of student papers. Get over it. These kids are students, not professionals. I think it’s pretty good for a bunch of kids without degrees or professional experience in the field.

  • Wow…42…been waiting for that.

  • Please, please let the camo be a joke. I can’t handle that.

    • It’s not a joke but it’s not happening.

      • Blake

        Am I the only one that kinda hopes the uni’s are for real? I mean they are very Oregon-esk. And that’s not a bad thing right?

      • MatthewC

        What do you mean ‘it’s not a joke’? And are those helmets real?

  • David

    “‘I remember… trying to squeeze balls in little tiny windows,’ Ash said.”

  • I haven’t gotten the videos to show anything on firefox or my phone. By the way, if there is any way when using tables or pictures etc. on the mobile site that you could make it so we can zoom out as apposed to just scrolling around a table zoomed in that would be nice.

  • Mark

    Isn’t there an armed forces day on which many collegiate teams pay tribute by wearing armed forces themed gear? E.g. tx tech when we played them last year. Why couldn’t this uniform be tied to that? That’s about the only reason the camo makes sense.