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Where the only uniform news you can trust comes from PFB…

Funny, good look at the game this weekend. (Barking Carnival)

We’re about to find out what Texas is made of. (NewsOK)

This is spectacular. (

Where OSU ranks statistically this week. (NewsOK)

Stop. (CRFF)

Stop! (Dallas Morning News)

On a positive CRFF note, their new site is amazing. (CRFF)

Caleb Lavey interview. (Tulsa World)

This dude (whom OSU was recruiting for basketball) is turning into a circus. (ESPN Insider)

Browns fans are still bullish on Weeds. (Dawgs by Nature)

One of Texas’ running backs has been cleared to play Saturday. (Burnt Orange Nation)

TCU-LSU in Dallas? Sure. (Big 12 Sports)

Berry with some good points on how Texas’ defensive ends are affected by J.W. Walsh. (NewsOK)

Very cool news if you’re an EDSBS fan. (SB Nation)

Mack on playing in Stillwater and did these guys forget that Baylor is in the Big 12? (Austin American-Statesman)

David Ash has…um…an all time quote in this article. (Austin American-Statesman)

It’s always scary to hear the phrase “a big assist goes to Butch Pierre.” (Scout)

This fella works for the athletic department as a SID…

Screen shot 2012-09-25 at 9.41.28 PM

Well this is sobering.

I think I could listen to Monken talk about pretty much anything…

I’m a huge sucker for these cinematic videos…

How sweet does this look?

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