Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Strange thought: two of OSU’s home games have involved teams with alumni QBs that play together in the NFL (Weeden-McCoy and Zac-Dalton). Stranger thought: those NFL teams all had off weekends during those home games. Only Zac made the trip to Stillwater though.

Joe Randle compares himself to Eminem. (NewsOK)

Don’t tease me, Ubbs. (ESPN)

Monken: you have to be a man. (NewsOK)

Just me or does it seem like they act like they just got drilled by Baylor? (Frogs O’ War)

OSU moves up to 4th in Ubben’s Big 12 power poll. (ESPN)

Berry (slowly) moves OSU up in his rankings. (NewsOK)

The part about holding three consecutive opponents to under 20 for the first time since 1986 is insane to me. (Big 12 Sports)

Hah, Jimmie Tramel’s question here is great. (NewsOK)

I think I agree with this about Nash being the key to a good basketball season. (O’Colly)

Sharp and Randle get helmet stickers. (ESPN)

Good quarter-by-quarter breakdown of the game. (Tulsa World)

Definitely the main storyline from Saturday. (NewsOK)

I don’t mind “Weeden Jr.” (CRFF)

Pretty sure Tracy Moore is done. And we have a new (old) starter at QB! (NewsOK)

I actually liked Oregon’s threads. A lot. (Dr. Saturday)

OSU back in the polls at #24. Glad to see Texas moved up after that strong win in Lawrence. (NewsOK)

I have a feeling Monken likes this tag. (NewsOK)

Monken says they just threw Lunt out there to see what would happen. (O’Colly)

I think Bill Young is getting a little dig in here at Bob Griffin, or at least it seems like he really wants to. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel with a new QB question. (NewsOK)

Jenni Carlson hands out a C to Wes Lunt. Hopefully she meant “captain.” (NewsOK)

Still in the BWW Bowl, eh? (ESPN)

Wow, TCU’s center says they quit. (NewsOK)

Was Randle’s TD pass no look? (NewsOK)

Bummer – Peter Uihlein failed to get his European Tour card for 2013. (Golf Week)

But there’s good news – Morgan Hoffman and Casey Wittenberg both got their PGA Tour cards for next year. (PGA Tour)

Game notes for Kansas State. (okstate)

Yikes! (Yahoo!)

Saving this to blame Gina later on. (NewsOK)

This got lost over the football weekend but BVP danced with a 59 for a while in Malaysia. He ended up finishing 2nd. (ESPN)

Some good pics from the TCU game in here. (NewsOK)

Cross country won the Big 12 for the 5th straight year. Dynasty? (okstate)

Couple of good Harden links here:

First from Royce on his top 10 moments with the Thunder. (Daily Thunder)

Then an inside look at the trade from Woj. (Yahoo!)

And finally Darnell Mayberry’s thoughts. (NewsOK)

Highlights from Saturday (the throw Lunt makes at 1:20) is silly.

Fear the lamb.

  • What’s wrong with the BWW Bowl? It features the 4th or 5th place team from the Big 12, depending on how many teams we get into BCS bowls. Given a very difficult stretch of games to finish off the season, that sounds very realistic.

    Anyone else think we should start talking about Lyndell Johnson a little more?

  • Walter Sobchek

    Something I haven’t seen anywhere yet (granted I haven’t read ALLLL of the links above) is about our fumbling. How many times was the ball on the ground? I know Jackson lost one, we recovered and I think Smith fumbled at the goal line and we recovered. We might have fumbled once more. This is all we’d be talking about today if we had lost those.

    I think it also shows how focused TCU’s Ddefense was on stripping the ball. They were willing to give up 5-10 extra yards to our receivers while they tried to strip them. Something that hasn’t been talked about in the articles/write-ups/blogs I bet our coaching staff will be all over in the film room and at practice. Thoughts?

    • @okc_dave

      We fumbled four times and lost one. On the season, we have fumbled 10 times and lost 5.

      • Compared to the national average of fumbles lost at 53%.

  • Walter Sobchek

    ALSO: TCU’s receivers, especially #85 (big, strong) and #11 (crazy fast) impressed me. Didn’t get them the ball enough, which I was happy about.

  • Walter Sobchek

    ALSO: How many batted-down passes did we force? I can think of at least three. Boykin isn’t short, but the announcers kept yapping about his throwing motion. Either way, we knocked em down and that can’t be discounted.

  • Scott

    that was Randle that fumbled at the goal line trying to stretch the ball across. i didn’t think that was nearly as bad as Jackson carrying the ball 4 feet away from his body before that fumble. I would imagine monken/gundy had a chat with him on the sideline shortly after that play.

  • Mark

    What’s even more silly is our goofball coach butt-slapping the TCU defender at the 1:53 mark. LOL @ Gundy. He’s a crazy flippin genius and I love it

  • There are three pretty awesome seconds starting at 1:27. Haha!

  • Pat

    Headline: Thunder trade harden to become one of the best college rosters of all time.