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West Virginia game notes. (okstate)

Jenni Carlson grades the game. (NewsOK)

At least wrestling got off to a good start. (okstate)

Obviously he was injured or we wouldn’t have taken him out. It’s like Herbie/Brent never even considered this. (AP)

Monken was fired up about Clint Chelf’s performance. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel gives the defense a C. I disagree. (Tulsa World)

Uh I’m pretty sure we aren’t playing in the Cotton Bowl. (NewsOK)

I feel bad for the beat reporters, I really do. (NewsOK)

This is true. (O’Colly)

Special teams were pathetic on Saturday. Gundy agrees. (NewsOK)

Phil Forte and Marcus Smart are the new J.W. Walsh and Josh Stewart. (Tulsa World)

The tweet of the game here killed me. (NewsOK)

Monken’s last line here is absolutely correct. (O’Colly)

I’d say this pretty well sums up Saturday night. (NewsOK)

It was over long before that last pick. (ESPN)

Gundy wants K-State to win it all. (NewsOK)

Hop aboard the merry-go-round. (Tulsa World)

The new OSU YouTube site looks sharp. (YouTube)

Seen this a few too many times this year. (NewsOK)

Snyder thinks Kansas State played “not very good.” (ESPN)

I didn’t even realize Brent called Klein the Heisman winner. Gosh they were terrible. (NewsOK)

OSU really did get the numbers it needed on Saturday. (CRFF)

Yeah Brent, they just stole his helmet for funsies. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls predicted to finish third in the Big 12. (ESPNW)

Guessing Quinn Sharp won’t have this framed for his living room. (NewsOK)

Sick pic of Charlie Moore. (US Presswire)

Uh, Berry knows Texas just beat Tech in Lubbock, no? (NewsOK)

PFB coverage from the weekend: 10 thoughts | by the numbers | superlatives

OMG how about these spikes for next year’s baseball team?


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