Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

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West Virginia game notes. (okstate)

Jenni Carlson grades the game. (NewsOK)

At least wrestling got off to a good start. (okstate)

Obviously he was injured or we wouldn’t have taken him out. It’s like Herbie/Brent never even considered this. (AP)

Monken was fired up about Clint Chelf’s performance. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel gives the defense a C. I disagree. (Tulsa World)

Uh I’m pretty sure we aren’t playing in the Cotton Bowl. (NewsOK)

I feel bad for the beat reporters, I really do. (NewsOK)

This is true. (O’Colly)

Special teams were pathetic on Saturday. Gundy agrees. (NewsOK)

Phil Forte and Marcus Smart are the new J.W. Walsh and Josh Stewart. (Tulsa World)

The tweet of the game here killed me. (NewsOK)

Monken’s last line here is absolutely correct. (O’Colly)

I’d say this pretty well sums up Saturday night. (NewsOK)

It was over long before that last pick. (ESPN)

Gundy wants K-State to win it all. (NewsOK)

Hop aboard the merry-go-round. (Tulsa World)

The new OSU YouTube site looks sharp. (YouTube)

Seen this a few too many times this year. (NewsOK)

Snyder thinks Kansas State played “not very good.” (ESPN)

I didn’t even realize Brent called Klein the Heisman winner. Gosh they were terrible. (NewsOK)

OSU really did get the numbers it needed on Saturday. (CRFF)

Yeah Brent, they just stole his helmet for funsies. (NewsOK)

Cowgirls predicted to finish third in the Big 12. (ESPNW)

Guessing Quinn Sharp won’t have this framed for his living room. (NewsOK)

Sick pic of Charlie Moore. (US Presswire)

Uh, Berry knows Texas just beat Tech in Lubbock, no? (NewsOK)

PFB coverage from the weekend: 10 thoughts | by the numbers | superlatives

OMG how about these spikes for next year’s baseball team?


  • Mark

    Things I came away with in Saturdays loss in no particular order: We have a legitimate turnover problem. We have been on the wrong side of the turnover battle most games this season if I’m not mistaken. Problem #2 is that Gilbert’s poor playing can no longer be chalked up to an anomaly. After 8 games into the season he still looks like a true freshman. I honestly can’t believe my eyes… I don’t understand how a player like him can regress line that – not only in raw talent, but in even understanding coverages. It’s truly bizarre, and it needs to be dealt with. Problem #3 is the return coverage, which has been suspect even when Deforest was here. Now It’s REALLY bad. And seeing Sharp NOT playing his ‘A’ game makes it apparent just how valuable he usually is.

    • I’m with you on Gilbert. I’ll defend him a little in that CB is an extremely difficult position to play. On the other hand, he was all about the hype of himself prior to the start of the season, so he needs to be backing it up. I’m willing to bet the coaches have addressed it and will continue to do so.

  • OSUaggie

    I wasn’t about to post this on the ESPN blogs, but I will here where it’s mostly alumni….Does Wes Lunt seem to be a little bit on the “delicate” side to anyone else? I know he’s young and needs to put some mass on that long frame of his, but I just don’t get the feeling he looked as comfortable out there as he did early in the season….I’m perfectly willing to believe it’s just me, but the perception has been bothersome….

    • Tough to say. I see where you get this idea because he’s been hurt twice while appearing in 5 games. But let’s be honest, any QB would have been out if they took the shot to the knee that he did against ULL. As far as this recent injury, I’m waiting to see what happened. You could be right, but it could also just be bad luck.

    • Mark

      Yes, I was wondering the same thing. And realistically, there’s not much basis for that worry, but yeah, it’s kinda in the back of my mind too.

    • Luke

      Could not agree more. I’ve been saying it from the second he left the game Saturday night – Lunt needs to get a heck of alot tougher. I’m a HUGE Lunt fan and am positive he’s the guy for this offense but come on, JW played on a fractured knee! Now, Lunt’s initial knee injury, obviously was a legit, brutal injury. But Saturday just seemed like a panic attack if anything after throwing the 3rd pick.

      • Nausea and vomiting are concussion symptoms…usually severe. Think Tebow in the Kentucky game. He was puking his guts out. I see what your saying but I think it was more than a panic attack.

  • Ho Hum stat of the day. Chelf’s TD drive in the 4th quarter kept the 2 minute or less scoring streak alive. What is it at 35 now?