Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Men were put in the ground so you could get an “I voted” sticker today. Go get one.

If you can’t feel good about this. I mean, where are we at? (NewsOK)

“Challenged” is putting it mildly. (Tulsa World)

Quinn Sharp is a Lou Groza semifinalist. (okstate)

Well crap I expect him to practice too. (NewsOK)

Dana’s coming back — good read from Kelly Hines. (Tulsa World)

Not a headline I thought I’d read today. (O’Colly)

Missed this yesterday but OSU-FSU in Dallas in 2014? @carsonc5 would die. (CBS Sports)

So true. (NewsOK)

Ubbs has OSU as the 5th best team in the Big 12. I think that’s about right. (ESPN)

Wrestling media day quotes. (okstate)

Josh Stewart is enjoying (and thriving in) his role this year. (Scout)

New offensive lineman. (Rivals)

Pistol Pete tears. (EDSBS)

Hilarious pic of Gundy. (NewsOK)

These should be the new black helmets. (Ebay)

Good read if you’re a Romney or Obama fan on what your guy needs tonight (Obama a 92% favorite right now). (NYT)

This is cool. (Today’s Document)

Interesting look at which NBA personalities donated money to political campaigns. (Hoops Hype)

Agree with this from Carson on my post yesterday.

Underrated tweet of the day yesterday.

Here’s a look at the new hoops recruit we picked up. (via @mattamilian)

This slayed me.

  • Scott

    so the new kid can dunk. great. Andre Williams could dunk too.

    • Upgrayedd

      And play defense

  • Chris Rock bit just kills me…

  • Barry Sanders is white?

  • and OSU vs. FSU is my absolute worst nightmare.

  • Cooper4391

    How are we having kickoff return problems? All Gundy has to do is give Sharp the “Kick the ball into a tuba in the band section” look and problem solved!

    • Cooper4391

      Chris Rock never fails… unless its “Grown-ups”

  • Jared

    Not to say Chelf should be playing over Lunt; however, I do think its important for your QB to be a leader on the field. As a QB many times you must be a vocal leader. Chelf and Walsh both seem to have better leadership on the field. Look at what Kye Staley said: “Clint was great out there. He was a great leader in the huddle. He kept telling us to never give up, never give up. We all knew that we could have made that game a lot closer than it was and he was the main guy behind that.”

    Compare that to the quote from Josh Stewart a few weeks back, talking about the only time he heard Lunt talk during the game was when he was calling a play or shouting the cadence.

    If we are going to be successful with Lunt at the helm, he needs to learn to become more of a vocal leader; not just a leader by example/actions (QB’s need to be able to do both at the Division I level.) He needs to be the guy they look to for inspiration when things aren’t going so well, not just the one calling the plays.

    Just my opinion.

  • Mark Johnston

    Check out today’s Wally Hall editorial on the front page of the AR Democrat Gazette. Talks about Coach Gundy “reportedly” being unhappy at OSU, and the possibility of him going to AR or TN.