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Happy (late) Veterans Day.

Photos from the WVU game. The Gilbert one is unreal. (NewsOK)

I don’t know if the productivity from the passing game was necessarily unexpected…but that’s a great pic of Dana and Gundy. (Tulsa World)

This game was a lot more encouraging than it would appear. (NewsOK)

Jimmie Tramel hands out grades, I concur…and the special teams were terrific. (Tulsa World)

I don’t understand how the Chelf train thing has made it this far. (NewsOK)

Ubben has us 4th in his power rankings. Fair. (ESPN)

There are times you’re human (and think), ‘We’ve lost this guy and that guy.’ And you’ve got to pull your pants up and say, ‘So what? We’ve got to figure it out.’ That’s what we’re supposed to do.(NewsOK)

There’s a Tommy Tuberville-GA incident connection at OSU. (Tulsa World)

Chelf made the right decision on 48 out of 50 tries. (NewsOK)

Quotes from the game. (okstate)

Good recap here from Slater. (NewsOK)

Interesting that Gundy wasn’t upset about the penalties. (O’Colly)

Berry with a good question: how many teams have ever had three guys with conference wins? Also, Chelf’s starting next week I bet. (NewsOK)

Some good thoughts on the game from Cincy Joe. (CRFF)

Gundy points to A&M as a reason OSU could have won it all last year. (Tulsa World)

There’s a lot of truth in this. (NewsOK)

So excellent. (Facebook)

I didn’t see the game on TV but this seems to sum up the broadcast pretty well. (NewsOK)

OSU bumped to #24 in the Coaches Poll. (ESPN)

Dana can’t believe Chelf’s progress. (NewsOK)

Ubben has us in the Alamo Bowl. I’d be down with that. (ESPN)

On who QB1 should be. (O’Colly)

Great football notebook here. I love the stat about how every player who has scored a TD this year is returning next year. (NewsOK)

Chelf gets a helmet sticker. (ESPN)

The Monken rant at the end of this article is so awesome. (NewsOK)

Interesting: CBS has OSU in the BWW Bowl and also has Baylor in a bowl which means they thing Baylor wins two of their final games against KSU, Tech, and us. (CBS Sports)

Oh boy, the Alamo against SC would be amazing. (NewsOK)

Game notes for Tech. (okstate)

Cool description of Justin Gilbert’s kick return. (NewsOK)

Joe DeForest has a tough return. (NewsOK)

For those who missed the terrific halftime show on Saturday.

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