Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

Average yards from line of scrimmage (rush + receiving) – Walsh: 6.0, Chelf: 7.0. Weird. 


[Baylor] is the most trash-talking team we play every year. (NewsOK)

Alex Elkins interview. (Tulsa World)

Good point here by Berry, why stack TV times on top of each other? (NewsOK)

Is this 90% thing something to be proud of? (Big 12 Sports)

Monk describing the offense to Jenni Carlson here is all-time. Btw, I agree with not running the clock, there were seven minutes left. (NewsOK)

OSU D preps for fast-paced Baylor. (Tulsa World)

Baylor might have the best RB in the Big 12 right now. (NewsOK)

Good roundup of potential bowl games. I’d do unholy things for South Carolina in the Cotton. (NewsOK)

I want that last combo for Baylor, would be filthy. (NewsOK)


Marcus Smart third in player of the year rankings. (CBS Sports)

How quickly can we get through all these games? (CRFF)

Flip is a better pro prospect than Marcus Smart? via @mattnorlander (Draft Express)


New baseball schedule. (okstate)

Goodness. (The Big Lead)

Weeden recovering from concussion. (Cleveland Plain Dealer)

This scares me to death. (Baylor Fans)

New recruit? (Scout)

Cool post on uniforms here. I’ll be adding my list later today. (Jared Gallagher)

This is just…the coolest. (Vimeo)

All in.

We’re bowl eligible! Also, interesting that OSU is the only team Baylor’s senior class has never beaten.

In case you missed this, a couple of sweet dunks by #22.

  • Cowpoke

    I havn’t made it all the way through the JC article, but I don’t get the control the clock argument…. They went 3 and out… does controling the clock somehow give you a magical 1st down? Had they huddled and taken their time they may have ran an extra 1 minute off the clock, and still punted. OU didn’t score with a couple of seconds left due to almost running out of time…they did it on purpose. They could have scored in 90 seconds, but chose to run the clock. Had we run 2-3 minutes off the clock it would have made no difference. The key was to score and go up 2 scores, getting away from your rythem would not have made that more likely.

  • Doug

    The 90% thing is not something to be proud of (or ashamed of). It’s just trivia, born of

    (1) the fact that there was one really bad team to soak up all the losses.
    (2) a lot of parity aside from that one really bad team.
    (3) an atrocious non-conference schedule.

    That’s the exact recipe for maximizing bowl-eligible teams. If KU had beaten Baylor and Iowa State, it wouldn’t really mean anything about the strength of the conference, but we’d have two fewer eligible teams.

    What the Big XII should NOT be proud of is that our best out-of-conference wins were Ole Miss and Miami.

  • BringtheRowdyBack

    There is quite a BringtheRowdyBack movement brewing in Stillwater! The team needs us!

  • Kyler Wright

    I am not superstitious (or at least I try not to be – Sovereignty>Superstition) – but the Baylor Fan that has NAILED all his predictions thus far… that is CRAZY SCARY for this weekend.

  • I think Big 12 football would be wise to take after the SEC scheduling philosophy: Schedule a tough OOC game or two very early, start conference play earlier, and put a cupcake at the end. It’s much easier to recover from an early loss especially against what is considered an early season contender plus any Heisman potentials have a Sisters of the Blind school to run up the stats on much closer to when voters take notice at the end of the season (a la Manziel and Sam Houston St two weeks ago). The predicament is schools trying to schedule for 2017 in 2012…ridiculous.

  • Jef in Austin

    I think it’s a joke that Nash is rated as the 18th best NBA prospect. If he can’t get his shot off under the basket in college, he’ll be eating leather in the NBA.

  • Scott

    have you watched Nash this year? now that we have someone at the point that can score/distribute/steal/etc? Nash has been good this year. Disappointing last year – very good this year

    • Jef in Austin

      I have seen Nash play this year, and no question he’s improved. He’s actually passing the ball and playing within the flow of the offense, which I don’t feel he did last year. That being said, I don’t view his inside game as NBA caliber…………..too many fade away shots, and he still struggles to get his shot off after any offensive rebounds. I’m definitely in the minority on this subject, as most draft lists I’ve seen have him being at least a late first rounder.