Daily Bullets

Sam Presti at OSU practice yesterday, did anybody ask him if he needs another blogger turned consultant?!


Alex Elkins wears candy cane pajama pants. (NewsOK)

Baylor is neck and neck with OSU in recruiting. (ESPN)

Monken compares getting a head coaching job to having an affair with your neighbor…I think. (NewsOK)

It actually seems kind of strange that it’s only six. (ESPN)


Nash is a top 12 prospect right now. (Sports Illustrated)

OSU #2 in Big 12 power rankings. (ESPN)

Sam Presti shows up in Stillwater. Everybody freaks out. (NewsOK)

Marcus Smart is on Jason King’s Wooden Award watch list. (ESPN)

Good story on the emergence of Josh Stewart. (Yahoo!)

Boomer has Baylor beating OSU. (NewsOK)

So we’re rooting for K-State, OU, and Northern Illinois. Got it. (NewsOK)

I can’t get the slideshow to play (maybe you can) but apparently OSU is one of the 15 most profitable basketball programs in the country. (Biz Journal)


This is totally fascinating. (Business Week)

Wow, there seems to be a lot more evidence here than there was in the Darrell Williams case. (Missourian)

247 merges with CBS Sports. Intriguing. (Sports Business Daily)

Golfers are the most awkward people on the planet when it comes to celebrations. (CBS Sports)

Gosh, this is awful. The worst. I hope I never have takes like this. (The Big Lead)

Big wrestling dual on Sunday. (okstate)

Slayed me.


  • OSUaggie

    I would absolutely hate to lose Monken; a great offensive coach with a real down to earth grounding in reality. Getting the right personality fit that works for the coaches and the players is getting tougher to find now days and one that the alumni find equally entertaining has got to be very rare indeed…..

  • Yes – who could Gundy pull out of his hat to keep the Dana, Monken streak alive (caffeinated, salty, and sometimes NSFW)…

  • Scott

    slideshow worked for me – and OSU was 15. Louisville which is number 1 on the list has basketball revenue of $40million. How does their basketball team generate that kind of revenue?? I think OSU’s bball rev was listed at $14million. Ticket sales i would think are only 1/2 of that? Merchandising? But then I’m not sure why Duke or North Carolina wouldn’t top the list. Very interesting.

    • Nate

      Fraud. That’s the only reason I can come up with…

  • Chad

    Maybe give him a head coach in waiting title. Not so much to keep him here until Gundy retires (because he’ll be more likely to pull a Muschamp than stay), but maybe it’ll keep him here an extra year or two.

  • Monken continually out-Monkens himself.

  • Scott

    if Monken ever leaves for greener pastures – then good for him. I’m sure we’ll all wish him the best. but HC in waiting?? Gundy is only 40-something. if Monken leaves, the blue print for the O is already there and was there before he arrived. As long as we don’t go back to Gundy running the O and ignoring the D – we’ll be good.

  • Yahoo is tackling that Kaepernick article as well. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/colin-kaepernick-parents-annoyed-hack-article-son-tattoos-131113744–nfl.html

    Most of the tattoos are Bible verses – not that that matters, except it makes the original article somewhat ironic.

  • R00st3rPokes

    Monken has a good gig at Okie State, and I think he knows that. Seems like a level-headed guy. Look at how well things have turned out for Dana at WVU. Another repeat of this year’s performance (which I think they are headed for), and my guess is they start calling for his head. My point being, sometimes people aren’t a fit for higher level jobs/management, and I’m not saying Monken isn’t, but I bet that this thought has crossed his mind.