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Heart of Dallas…eh?


Join the Pistols Firing bowl pick ’em group. (Yahoo!)

The Heart of Dallas Bowl is actually a really cool thing. Doesn’t mean I’ll go to it, but still. (NewsOK)

Monken: There’s not anybody on our team that made more mistakes than I made calling the game or preparing our team. (NewsOK)

Gundy said the offense sputtered against Baylor. (O’Colly)

Baylor is 10-1 in November/December over the last two years. (Big 12 Sports)

In case you missed it, here’s what I had on Gundy to Tennessee yesterday. (PFB)

But man, can we fill up your stadium, or what?! (NewsOK)

So Purdue is a circus. (ESPN)

If you weren’t sure whether or not Robert Allen had all his chips in the middle of Gundy’s table (and really, how were you not sure of this?) (Tulsa World)

Most losses since 2007. (Scout)

Goodness, how shady does Gundy sound here? (NewsOK)

I don’t really know how there couldn’t have been a hangover, even if it was subconscious. (NewsOK)

An executive jet was sitting on the tarmac at Stillwater Municipal Airport as late as 6:30 p.m. (Scout)

Wow, first blocked FG since 2010?! (Tulsa World)

You guys know I think the defense has been really good this year, but this is a nice (well-reasoned) rebuttal as to why it hasn’t been. Good work. (CRFF)

Cool look at the top Big 12 bowl games in conference history. (Big 12 Sports)

Gundy was disappointed in the way OSU played Saturday. Good, he should be. (Tulsa World)

Agree with Gundy here, apparently it doesn’t matter where you finish in the league. (NewsOK)

Chelf learns from mistakes on the road. Monk wishes he’d get hit harder. Classic. (NewsOK)

I wish I had as good an attitude about life as Cooper Bassett does. (Tulsa World)

Bill Young (still employed, by the way) talks a little here about how the thing that lacked on Saturday was the pass rush. (NewsOK)

This is certainly not reassuring. (Rivals)


Oh yeah, we played basketball on Saturday too. (NewsOK)

We broke down a lot on the defensive end. We were doing a lot of complaining to the officials instead of going out there and actually playing. Refreshing to hear from a freshman. (Tulsa World)

“Stuns”? Really? (ESPN)

Cowboys drop to #23 in this poll. (CBS Sports)


Party like you’re a co-Big 12 champ. (CBS Sports)

Crowning OU is silly, well yeah, of course it is. (ESPN)

Big time W for John Smith’s squad. (NewsOK)

Screw you, Northern Illinois. (Sports Illustrated)

We gonna double dip here? (NewsOK)

OKC Dave and Nolo were BRINGING IT last night.

Not impressed.


Stevie Clark interview


Wow, not even close.

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