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Tis the season to join a fantasy bowl pick ’em group. Also, excuse the new comments system (I know, I know). I think you’ll like it better (it’s what Daily Thunder uses) and I think it’ll be less painful to comment, but I’m still working out kinks.


Robert Allen doesn’t think Gundy is going anywhere. My question: does Robert Allen go to Tennessee with Gundy if he leaves? (Scout)

Oh. (Hey Coach Gundy)

Another Nash? (Scout)

Do all of you even get ESPNU? (Rivals)

Just Purdue being Purdue. How about that video? (NewsOK)

Three Pokes on CBS All-Big 12 team. (CBS Sports)

We’re at defcon 1? 2? (NewsOK)

Interesting argument here. Berry says better scheduling, Gundy wants cupcakes. What say you? (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Poling here on OSU not accepting the bowl bid. I get it, really I do, but I don’t think you can make that move politically. (O’Colly)

Loser is an understatement. (NewsOK)


You better get used to that freshman point guard leading the team in rebounding. (Rush the Court)

Marcus Smart going #4 overall?! (NBA Draft)

OSU hoops remains ranked. (Tulsa World)

Love this guy. Talking about how Markel makes the court into his personal trampoline. (O’Colly)


Not a lot of love for Johnny Football from the Oklahoman. (NewsOK)

Rickie had the shot of the weekend at Tiger’s tourney. (CBS Sports)

Goodness, what a wicked way to miss out on the PGA Tour for former OSU star Edward Loar. (ESPN)

This is cool, but honestly highlights the issues with bowl games. Schools lose money. (CBS Sports)

I don’t blame these guys for ranking OU high, it’s embarrassing for college football that this is the way we conduct business though. (ESPN)

Good stuff here on why Twitter > Facebook. Via @robbyfoland (Medium)

This, well, this was pretty funny.


  • brown1647

    J Hall is what is awful about Twitter.  And that tweet is just a little contradictory to his profile.  Then he defends the tweet by saying he was drunk and that was supposed to be motivational.  Gotcha, makes total sense now.

    • Kyle Porter

      @brown1647 Yeah, I hate to draw attention to people like him but wanted to point out what BWeeds has to put up with…

    • mattamilian

      @brown1647 Yeah, his Twitter profile straight up pisses me off.  That guy is a tool

  • ChanceDM

    With Twitter, I can see exactly what I want to see in my feed.  Facebook is busy trying to determine what they think I want to see in my news feed.

  • mattamilian

    Mock Draft has Smart going 5th overall, but equally interesting is Nash going to the Thunder at the end of Round 2

    • mattamilian

      Sorry, Nash at the end of the Round 1

  • Clifhangeriam

    I just realized how scary it is that coaches’ opinions account for 1/3 of the BCS formula. How does that even make sense?! That’s so easy to manipulate.

  • CaseyShepherd

    1st: Robert Allen is loyal to the school, not to the man, just like Gundy is loyal to the school, not the almighty dollar…..wait, I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this one.
    2nd: If we have to endure another Savannah State I just might move to Arkansas myself. I’m not saying schedule a Alabama every year but a average BCS conf team is not asking too much. Yeah yeah I know what happened in Arizona this year but I’d rather see that than Lamar. If we can’t beat a 7-5 Pac 12 team we’re not winning a national title anyway. Playing cupcakes feels more like a wasted afternoon than a fun day at BPS.
    3rd: I think the biggest question remaining after this Gundy to Arkansas thing cools down is what is really going on behind the closed doors of BPS? I’d like to see @ginamizell write a story about this. I always thought T Boone, Holder and Gundy were like the 3 Amigo’s. I mean Boone admitted that before he gave the school a dime he wanted Holder to be the AD and he wanted Gundy to be the football coach. But recent events have lead me to believe they are more like the 3 stooges than the 3 Amigo’s. Do they really not get along or is that all speculation? Is Gundy really asking for more money again after 7-5? Is Boone turning into Walter Matthau from Grumpy Old Men? He did just go through a divorce you know. All I know is they’re starting to look like a disfunctional family….and it’s only a matter of time before someone says “F this I’m outta here” and throws their thanksgiving dinner plate against the wall.
    BTW @pistolsguy tweets today are hilarious. The only thing keeping me laughing today.