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Amazing text I got last night: “sucks you got this sweet new job and the world is over tomorrow.”


Apparently Baylor is taking home its second Heisman in two years next December. (CBS Sports)

Ubben previews the HOD Bowl. (ESPN)

If we can’t beat a QB who has one ACL… (Scout)

I forgot that Brodrick Brown filled in for Perrish Cox in that Ole Miss Cotton Bowl. Feels like a decade ago. (NewsOK)

The stability centers around Gundy, not the offensive coordinator position, but I guess that’s kind of the point… (Yahoo!)

If I had to bet, I would put a lot of money on Bill Young not being back next year either. (NewsOK)

It’s really intriguing to me that our offense just kind of exists on its own. Chelf probably has more ownership over it than anybody in the athletic department right now. (Scout)

Good to see someone else noticed the irony of Gundy talking about how much he hates coaching changes in December. (NewsOK)


It’s early, but cool. (Big 12 Sports)

Free basketball tickets for Sunday. (okstate) (correction: game is Saturday)

Bummer: James was cut by the Spurs again. Good post by Slater though. (NewsOK)

I’m still not sure Ford knows what kind of style he wants to play, but this will do just fine for now. (Rivals)

Are Jason Kidd and Penny Hardaway basketball players you want to be compared to, or no? (ESPN)


I have no idea what’s going on here…

Does Dean-O just close his eyes at Thunder games, or what?

The announcers here are hilarious…(via Jeremy Greenfield)

Yes. Leo is the most Gatsby character ever.

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