Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


“We got screwed!” No…really. (NewsOK)

Nobody freaking out about Wes Lunt sitting courtside at a basketball game! (Tulsa World)

Two of the five best assistants in the Big 12. (ESPN)

Super cheap Heart of Dallas tickets. (Groupon)

Gundy believed in Santa until when…last year? (NewsOK)

I’m with Quinn Sharp, I think I slept in my Ken Griffey Jr. cleats too. (okstate)

Berry says with bowl games close to home, teams have to be careful. (NewsOK)

I didn’t really feel like there was a single best moment from this year. (ESPN)

OSU’s all-time DFW team. (NewsOK)

Good read on the benefits of a Dallas bowl game. (NewsOK)


Oklahoma State at #20 in CBS’ most recent poll. I think this is pretty much who we are. (CBS Sports)

Brian Williams could be back in action really soon. That would make an already-great defense even better. (NewsOK)

Good point here, Le’Bryan often transforms into a role player. Something we never said about, say, James Anderson. (CRFF)

Holding strong in the ESPN power poll as well. (ESPN)

John Helsley with a good Christmas wish list from Travis Ford. (NewsOK)

180 out of their last 184 non-con home games. (Scout)

Brittney Martin posted a triple-double over the weekend. (ESPN)


Changing your coach doesn’t make a difference. (Freakonomics)

South Dakota State stayed at a hotel in Shawnee on their 1,200 mile bus trip to New Mexico. (Yahoo!)

This was amazing.


  • Danofict

    That Weeden slide. Wasn’t he a baseball player? Oh yes….a pitcher….in the American League.

  • As always, I rooted for the Broncos, but I was hoping Weeden would play decently.

    As far as best moment…comeback win against TCU?

    • But I agree, no single best moment, just grasping at straws.

  • Not a QB coach, but two observations. In the games I’ve watched Weeden threw a lot of passes that sailed high. He also tends to hold the football really low. You can see it well in this video. I wonder if the two are related. In baseball if your elbow drops, the ball tends to sail. Is it the same with football?

    • I do know he gets a lot of tipped passes.