Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter

At Baylor tonight. Tough to live in a world where they could take two of three in hoops/football in back-to-back years. 


This was pretty sick. (ESPN)

So who calls Ford’s bluff first? Nash probably, right? (NewsOK)

Much to prove, yes. (Tulsa World)

Lengthy, but pretty good, post on the state of OSU hoops. Whetsell does good work. (CRFF)

Agree with Stavenhagen here, Markel Brown might be our best player right now. (O’Colly)

Really like this: OSU players talking about what MLK Day means to them. (NewsOK)

John Hoover on the fan issue. (Tulsa World)


Can’t disagree here. (ESPN)

This makes me feel old. (NewsOK)

Brendon Morris on the running backs. Will be a fascinating group next year. (Rivals)

Barry Sanders…then Quinn Sharp! (NewsOK)

And here’s Morris on the offensive line. Rinse, repeat. (Rivals)

Good roundup of the OSU recruiting that went on last weekend. (NewsOK)


So this tells us, what, nothing? (ESPN)

Cowgirls house a top 25 team in Iowa State. (ESPN)

The Lost Ogle got a makeover. (Lost Ogle)

Baylor’s new gold helmets, I don’t hate them. Wish the facemask wasn’t gold. (CBS Sports)


Good tweet here.

If you’ve somehow missed it.

Highlights from Saturday.


  • Will

    Seems like Ford should have been sending the “Play hard or you won’t play” message before now, right?

    • Was hoping this would show up here. Ludicrous statement from Ford. Just shows that he is all over the place with his coaching. That should have been the mindset from the start.

  • BobT

    That orange video is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I would donate money to OSU to have that disappear.

  • Jared


    Here is the link to the other “tributes” to OSU.

  • Katherine

    I couldn’t finish watching the rap video. Worst. Ever.

  • Q

    The most amazing part of the Gonzaga-Butler video to me: Brad Stevens doesn’t even flinch. Stands with his arms crossed the entire time. Ball hasn’t even hit the bottom of the net, and he’s already walking down to shake hands with Few. It’s the equivalent of a batter hitting a walk-off, and slowly just trotting to first without ever looking for the ball.

  • Matt

    Any music video about the educational side of anything is going to be crappy. I thought this was a decent effort.

  • TM

    Wow Quinn was a consistent punter. Three straight years with basically the same average. Crazy

  • BTW… Thanks for the kind words Kyle!