Daily Bullets

Written by Kyle Porter


Berry has OSU third in his Big 12 power rankings. I concur. (NewsOK)

I’ll listen to second too. (NewsOK)

OSU goes to #15 in AP poll. (Tulsa World)

And here’s a really cool interactive look at the AP basketball poll. (AP)

Somebody get this in Marcus Smart’s hands. (CBS Sports)

Cowboys a firm 4-seed right now. (Yahoo)

Jay Bilas ranks OSU #13. (ESPN Insider)

Marcus Smart as a #2 draft pick. (Hoops Hype)


Robert Allen wonders why Joe Randle didn’t do better at the combine. (Scout)

Good roundup of the combine here from Brendon Morris. (Rivals)


One of my favorite things about YouTube: old complete games. (YouTube)

Warren Buffett bought the Tulsa World. (Jim Romenesko)

An interesting read here as to why he did it. via @benallenkosu. (Daily Beast)

Coleman Scott writes about wrestling for USA Today. (okstate)

Baseball cancelled for Wednesday. (okstate)

Full version of that Andrea Riley interview from the weekend. (NewsOK)

Heck of a final quote here from Mike McGraw on Sean Einhaus. Fantastic piece too. (O’Colly)

OSU cross country — good at sports and school! (Big 12 Sports)

Bob Bowlsby says wrestling in the Olympics isn’t going anywhere. (NewsOK)

Last night was a total joke. Iowa State got absolutely housed and OSU’s Big 12 regular season dreams went with them. (ESPN)

Here’s video of the carnage. (Yahoo)

Oh, and a fan charged at Bill Self after the game. (KU Sports)

Whatever, bro. (Yahoo)


Snow day today.


Great tweet from Helsley.

She’s just…awesome.


  • Nate

    I thought we got the short end of the stick last week for officiating, but my gosh Iowa St got royally screwed last night. That was some of the worst stuff I’ve ever seen.

    Withey litterally can’t foul out of games! And of course he had an impact on the final play when he shouldn’t have even been out there. Then they call a phantom call with two guys on the floor. Horrible.

    Top it off with Johnson being an absolute punk at the end of the game when it was over. I hope they meet in the tourney and Ejim sends his ass in the stands two minutes into the game. I’ve grown to hate this KU team. Can’t stand Johnson, Withey, or Young. Makes me even more glad we beat their ass at AFH.

    • Twatty

      The refs were awful. Ejim was getting phantom calls against him. The refs in the big12 this year seem to be all about makeup calls for their errant original calls. Right after the withey charge their was a phantom illegal screen (which is the classicl makeup call to all refs) to give them the ball back. They screw up later on, makeup with a travel. Guys standing vertical and having whistles blown. There was an Elijah (maybe perry ellis) foul where he drove 1000mph into the isu player and it was a blocking call. Not sure when refs decided to always give the advantage to the offensive player, but I think when you lower your head and shoulder to drive inside, it’s offensive no matter the position of the defender

      • Sean

        I wouldn’t say they always give the advantage to the offensive player. We got called for two charges in a row in the second overtime against Kansas, one in which Smart fouled out while taking a knee to the groin. Neither were as blatant as that one last night.

        • dooley

          Smart’s was an offensive foul. He should of stopped, or avoided that contact, but he is still a freshman and you see it sometimes. Part of it is his competitive, almost fullback nature.

          But, you’re right, last night’s “offensive foul” that wasn’t was much more blatant as Johnson was out of control. Maybe I could understand a no call there, but then the ref called that crap while they were on the floor. That is what made that an even bigger crime.

    • dooley

      I respect Withey and Young. Johnson though is a complete douche, and should have gotten a charge last night, which would have really given ISU a great chance to put the game out of reach with 5 secs left. If anything KU has to hit a desperation shot instead of two free throws. Either way, that game was BS last night. There really has to be some way to regulate or judge officials. To lose a game like that really hurts for ISU, especially after their other losses this season that have been so close

  • dooley

    somebody should hand that Griffin article to Smart, and maybe also tell him that we would have a great chance to win the Big 12 and beyond with pretty much our entire team returning (barring transfers etc).

    Kansas is going to lose Johnson, McLemore, Young and Withey. 4 of their 5 starters, and team leaders. They are going to be vulnerable next year, although I think Perry Ellis is going to be really good.

  • Hope this isn’t the last shot we have at a title. While I am very disappointed we won’t be this year I am absolutely encouraged by where we are and what oour incoming guys look like. Would like to have another “Big Country” coming down the road though. Every time I see Tim Duncan I think of Big Country.

  • Poke